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Dock -a magic eye version

By rabbiteyes
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a magic eye(3d)are in the groove this year

follow the fashion !!!
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Hmm-- when I do it, the objects that are far away look close, and the closer objects look far away
Like the environment is reversed??
Is it supposed to look like that? :3
Amazing work btw! I'm a big fan :3
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whoo-hoo! Have to fave it now.
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I don't understand how to get the 3D effect thing going, someone explain to me :( ? Do you need glasses or something?
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You have to cross your eyes until the two images are directly on top of each other. Enjoy! c:
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Actually, it is quite the opposite. Your eyes tend to look inwards when focusing on something closer to you. To get the proper effect, you'd have to relax your eyes.  Effectively making them look more outwards. You could say you were looking through the image, if that would make more sense. With the magic eye books, it helped to look at your hand and focus on it, then move the book in front of your eyes while still focusing at a range farther than the book was held at.

I'm sorry if I'm being confusing at all.
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Hey thanks between, I'll keep trying for a bit longer lol.
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Damn, I can't seem to manage to do it, is that something anyone should be able to do? lol
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Yeah, I guess. What should happen is that the two images should merge in the middle and so the final result would be the two original images would be on the sides while the new image in the center would be the 3D image. Hope that explains it. c: 
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Thanks! I get it, but I can't do it . __.
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This 3d thing never worked with me..T_T
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I enjoyed the full 3d experience! is there a program for stereographing or you just calculated the changes for each picture?
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Ok, that is just COOL!
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how u do that??
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Amazing! I had to cross my eyes to get it, and when that happened, both sides overlapped onto each other and created the 3D image...I think. Is that how magic eye works?
Never mind, even if it wasn't 3D it would still be Awesome!
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I dont know how u done that 3D but its awesome.. :)
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WOW! Great!!!! =D
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makes it 3 times better! :P
the depth looks great!:3
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hmm.. when I look at it via magic-eye-o-vision, it looks like it has a reversed depth to me. For instance... the building appears closer to me than the dock does. ._.
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It is fantastic!!
The 3D version is incredible... Such details, those colors... We are in the picture, definitely!
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I thought my eyes will leave me forever before I "get" to the 3D - but hey, it's amazing..! :D
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i love the drawing, but I can't see how it's 3d...
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