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RIP Murray Ball

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We lost the great New Zealand cartoonist, Murray Ball today, from Alzheimers. Murray was the genius behind the comic strip Footrots Flats. He was literally the Charles Schulz of New Zealand and his strip a delight to read. The adventures of Wal, Dog, Aunt Polly, Cooch and Jess and life in the brush was a delight.

I even got a get well card from Murray Ball in 1992 after I had a heart attack scare, which seriously lifted my spirits like a moon rocket.

Sadly I never got to meet him or get a sketch from him, but still feel honored to have been a fan of his strip.
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I doubt you'd know of him, but John Clarke, the brilliant NZ comedian whose Fred Dagg character was curiously similar to Wal Footrot in appearance - and who voiced Wal Footrot in the Footrot Flats movie - died suddenly yesterday, age 68.
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Murray was a genius. I remember feeling like an electric shock when I first saw his cartoons in the early to mid 70's. We had some contact on and off; he did some free art for me for one of my projects. Long after I outgrew any of my adolescent heroes he remained as some sort of lodestone. He was a great humanitarian, old fashioned and radical at the same time. Absolutely one of the greats.
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Aw man! And I just heard about that comic too! 
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That's a damned shame to hear.
He was very talented and it his strips were always a delight.

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Leslie Fish lent me her Footrot Flats books to read, years ago. good stuff.
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He was a New Zealand National Treasure.   His wit, his comics  (not just Footrot Flats)  and the heart he had.   Not to mention the Footrot Flats movie that he did.   Truly a "Slice of Heaven"  
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I don't really know who this is but r.i.p.
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