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Revisited Garden

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Published: August 26, 2012
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I'm stil on hiatus but i thought i'd post something i was working on and off between my studies. I made it extra bright for the upcoming spring over here ^U^/!!!

I wonder if some of you guys recognize this, but i actually decided to draw this character from here again. The last time i drew this character was nearly a year ago (let's pretend its 27/8/12 already!) , it's one of my favourite works of mine and it was the first time i got a DD ^U^
I wanted to see how much my style has changed, aaand i think it's changed quite a bit. Dunno how much improvement is there since i wasn't able to put as much effort in this as i wanted. But i didn't really draw this to revamp the old piece, just felt like drawing it again. Though i definitley still need to work on my anatomy, b-but this time i used no ref!

I actually really like how i designed her, but oh god that hair, what was my 15yo self thinking /dies
Sadly, im the kind of person just sticks to having one OC, but i really dont want the design to go to waste so i'm thinking of auctioning it later on >U<

Ah since im still pretty busy i don't think i'll be able to reply to all comments, but thank you very much for taking the time to look/favourite/comment! <3

Okay now i can focus on my english assignment ;______;

1 week
Mostly SAI and tweaked in PS
---- just like last year lol woah nostalgia
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darkwarriorcurseheroStudent General Artist
Looks nice
Aireane's avatar
AireaneStudent Digital Artist
What a doll!!!
LovablyAwkward's avatar
LovablyAwkwardHobbyist General Artist
The brightness immediately drew me in, fantastic color usage!!
ChocolatexMiracle's avatar
ChocolatexMiracleHobbyist General Artist
Oh my gashhh its beautiful Llama Emoji 17 (Sweating) [V1] 
Nazzaroth's avatar
NazzarothHobbyist Digital Artist
for me the pic is to overloaded. the colors melt toghether to much making it hard for the eyes to different between person, cloth and background. a bit more contrast would help the pic i think. yet the overall motive and the shading/anatomy is delitefull
MegaAnimeFreak7's avatar
MegaAnimeFreak7Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me as well
QisWhatsoever's avatar
wow you improve alot
VVanielle's avatar
Sooooo cute, lovely and colorfull!
Calypso5598's avatar
Calypso5598Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gorgeous :iconrainbowlaplz::squee::la:
naomicoco's avatar
Raayzel's avatar
ehehe thank you naochiko! :iconkissingplz:
k-arashi's avatar
k-arashi Digital Artist
Absolutely stunning! The colors are so gorgeous~! :love:
I really love how vibrant it is <333
Everpage's avatar
Everpage Digital Artist
I'm officially in love with your work!
JESOJOLAY's avatar
JESOJOLAYStudent Digital Artist
you are fantastic!!!! love the color!! it's so colorful and happy
akanotsubasa's avatar
akanotsubasaStudent Traditional Artist
I love those vibrant colours!:heart: And that pic is awesomelly improved!
pandafun101's avatar
pandafun101Hobbyist Digital Artist
god i love how colorful your artwork is <3
xxRisunaxx's avatar
xxRisunaxxHobbyist Digital Artist
i can really see how your style has "matured" over the year - in the older pic the colours are more pale & peaceful while here the colours are bright - even the way you drew the char seems as if she herself is another year older - its in the way you drew her face

I'm actual partial to the older one - in it there were fairies her attention was drawn to & she seems all excited while here its as if she's been here so long that she's grown use to its scenery - also the drawing style of the older one I must admit I favor more *this has happened to a couple other artists too ^^; I liked their old style more than what its grown into - maybe because it was more "chibi" like but then it grew into a more... "realistic" style* I'm not gonna stop being a fan or anything though XD
ArimoriRinkito's avatar
ArimoriRinkitoStudent Digital Artist
you've infected my eye with rainbow colors
sho colorful :iconbummy1::iconbummy2:
Song95's avatar
Song95Hobbyist Digital Artist
cute ^^
bluemallo's avatar
bluemallo Digital Artist
OMG! Gorgeous!!

Your paint style is very distinctive.

Jay-The-Punk's avatar
Ok what i don't like about the pick is the hair colur the hair style or the frilly bits on the dress but i'm not a huge fan of pink, curls like that or frills so that's all personal to me but it works with the rest of the pic.

What i do like is everything else about the pic she seems to fit into it well the eyes even though lots of colours are slightly duller so it works kinda well i think it's a really good picture not my fave but i like it none the less. Kinda a have a Mario feel to it!

Same goes for your older one in my opinion of the above.
spindragon12445's avatar
spindragon12445Student Digital Artist
Oh my...! Such vibrant colours! What a beautiful character! :la:
NakaAmi8393's avatar
NakaAmi8393Student General Artist
you do improve your skill through 1 year xD
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