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Stacks Dock Icons - Updated

By RaatsGui
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These icons have been designed with Matonga's brilliant Stacks Docklet application [link] in mind

Since Leopard generates the stacks icons (showing the contents of the folder) dynamically, there are no physical icons that we can obtain from Leopard.

In order to make a small selection of icons available, I dragged real folders onto my Dock, let OS X generate the icon and then I re-created the actual icons as 300 x 300pixel png files. Each icon is faithful to the dynamically generated file and I have paid special care to ensure that even the size and position of the reflective portion is 100% accurate - for example the applications icon is an exact replication of the applications stack on my OS X dock.

Contains ALL the icons new and old @ 300 x 300 pixels.
Updated to 28 in number.. Application, Browser, Music, Folders, Pictures, Movies and more...

Download from this page...
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super bro..................
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super bro..................
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What I‘m looking for is this!Thank you buddy for your work,
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How make app out like that in rocketdock
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Awsome! Great work, make us some Ubuntu stuff ;)
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do u have one like this for rocketdock?
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how did you change your system tray icons???
thanks in advance
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What's your menubar skin ? Its not your theme for objectbar...
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It is the Objectbar skin - the only difference is that this was custom made with a transparent bar.
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dude i see that your things are just simply awesome, please make things for windows 7 now
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Just look great! ;)
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Great Work!
Do you know XWindows Dock?
A dock with real icon reflexion and stacks that behave exactly as the MacOs...
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yeah i use to xwindows dock so cool and better 3d
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Thank you mate..

Yes, I do know XWindows Dock. Its very good but personally, I still prefer RK on the PC.

As most people here know, I'm a Mac user, and although XWindows is good at emulating things like reflections etc. I find the current release still very sluggish - especially on high resolution screens (2560 x 1600).

This is not to take away from how brilliant XWindows is, but I prefer the response time I get on RK - which for me, is almost exactly what I enjoy on the Mac. Live reflections are secondary to my preferences simply because its decoration only and serve no actual function....

That said, I'm always looking at how XWindows is developing and when it reaches the performance levels I look for in a dock, I will happily make the change!!
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whats the skin name that you use on your launcher bar?
i cant find it and i would really like it

also thanks for the icons!
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not sure what you mean by "launcher bar"..

Top menu bar (ObjectBar) - Leopard ObjectBar Enhanced [link]

Bottom Dock bar (RK Launcher) - [link]
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Excellent work!!! :D
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look very nice
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Thank you Eddie!
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