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Some people may have noticed that the icons normally used in the FindeXer sidebar are not quite accurate. Although the icons are usually from Leopard, OS X has a number different resolution variations - the smallest of which is used in the Finder sidebar (its easiest to see the difference when looking at the green "downloads" arrow).

This zip file contains a selection of Leopard Finder png icons that have been customized for your sidebar.

For customizing your Finder please refer to the updated Leopard tutorial here: [link]
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Download broken!!!!
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how do u add a side bar title - ie. DEVICES, SHARED, PLACES !!!

Plzz Plzz tell ?
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I'm a new user to findeXer, my problem is:

FindeXer did not Show Up by default when I open an Explorer Window. Every time I launch explorer, I have to select findeXer manually at the View menu. for your information:

-I'm using Nightly FindeXer Nightly V1.1.0.4b538 (this my first time installation).

- I have checked the "Load FindeXer in Every Explorer Window by Default".

- I also checked the "Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart)" at the Internet Explorer. & I restarted my PC.

your reply is really...really... (needed) & appreciated .

It's my first step to transform my xp to Mac. :-)

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The best person to speak to is the developer of FindeXer at Tom's effect after all he knows his product best..

As far as I remember, if you open explorer using your shortcut "Win E" key's it will always open the old default windows style of explorer. If you are working using a Dock (and assuming you have configured FindeXer correctly), then an easy way, is to make your 'Finder' icon shortcut to a specific folder (ie. program files).

If this still does not work, then double check your options in explorer itself. Go to View>Explorer Bar>FindeXer. Make sure your FindeXer is CHECKED.

More information is available here: [link]

Good luck
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Thanks for putting this up, these icons are good stuff!
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anyway i got the sidebar icon for smart folder. got to my library
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hi raats..do u have smart folder for this????
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