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September 6, 2008
MobileME for Styler by ~RaatsGui Mark has created an awesome little concept for a styler toolbar. Now you can have a totally different experience with your toolbar ;-)
Featured by mrrste
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MobileME for Styler

MobileME FOR Styler Toolbar
© 2008 - 2021 RaatsGui
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Does anybody know how to fix my issue? I have installed Skyler and I installed this skins but when I open styler and double click that style nothing happends! I restarted and nothing! I reinstalled Styler and still not working! PLEASE HELP!
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sorry for the dumb Q but how do you get it to work? i know its a dumb Q
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sorry for the dumb Q but how do get it to work. : ( i know that a dumb Q
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Tell me. does styler work on windows 7 64bit?? every time i turn on my pc it says Please wait for a while. the style is being changed,and then a bubble pops up saying that it is not responding- EVRY TYME! is there a way to solve this?? PS: i installed it using compatibility mode for xp SP3. if there is no sulution, will there be a win7 version out soon?? i feel left out...

-SHADOW wants styler NOW!
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cute simple eyed candy :D
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probably the best devation in the customizing cathegory in my opionion! Keep the good work up!
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Thank you very much Kristoffer I'm glad you like it because it was always a favorite of mine.

I've retired from emulation so I'm glad to hear some of my work is still enjoyed!
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Just found your styler on another site. It's so pretty and Im using it right now. I like the fact that it's different from the rest that are out there, you know the typical silver Mac sleek design/colour/buttons. Thanks so much. Hopefully you make some more and post them soon.

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Cheers mate and thanks too for your support.

Not sure if I will be doing any more. I've pretty much hung up my emulation gloves...
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Hey Raats great Work :D... Can you make a version for Ksoft Mac Finder ToolBar? ^^

Byes & Merry Xmas
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Cheers Pablo!

I'm pretty much retired from apps and skins mate so I'm not sure if I'm the right guy to ask... Maybe ask Ksoft if he would don one because he has all the elements.

Best to you for the Holiday's and 2009!
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Oks, no problem :D
thats pretty sweet. but how do you get your safari to be left-sided (with the round buttons) and not have the (file, edit, view, etc.) bar removed? thanks
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No short answer to your question Oreo mate..

I suggest you work your way thru the various tutorials available and that will hopefully help you some..

Start here: [link]
Does Styler Toolbar works on windows vista?
Wstv-News-23's avatar
i love it ... but can it be on safari for windows
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Unfortunately, Apple have made Windows Safari is extremely difficult to skin
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i got a few different ones... i just need it set to a .tma file but yours... idk what file it is ... sorry but it is a different style
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lovin it - currently in use with the wb master skin wraith :D looks and intergrated flawlessly with this styler
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