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Aeolus HD Theme Pack

After much request, I have finally brought Aeolus HD Theme Icon Pack to Launcher Pro (Plus) users. Please check it out and spread the word. This version of Aeolus HD contains icons from the non release pack. I have previewed them before in screenshots but never released them, now its yours, with LOTS MORE TO COME. That's not all, soon I will include Aeolus HD specific Launcher Pro widgets as well. Please check out the link below,


P.S. Remember, you *MUST* have Launcher Pro or Plus installed first before you can use my icon set. It's FREE in the Android Market [link] ;)



I have uploaded my Aeolus HD Theme for ADW Launcher and EX. Check it out please, [link]

Please rate or leave feedback, it helps out tremendously.


v1.9.21 is LIVE, please check your market!
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Great work! Featured on at [link]

P.S. Don't forget to update your ADW Launcher and EX theme link in the post above. It should be [link]
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Ok, I'm officially a MOORON. The icons are at [link], and this is the theme. Sorry for being so dense, and again, great stuff.
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Edit: Ah, I can't feature it since it's a packaged theme. For a second I thought you were giving us the individual icons as PNGs in a zip file. I'd like to post this set, and could probably rip the assets fro the package, but wanted to make sure that's OK since you haven't provided the pngs directly. Let me know.
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nice!!!!! would be a go launcher port? :D
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Where can I download just the icons for use on my iPhone?
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My blog,
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Your welcome!
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Guy below doesn't understand hard work should pay off ;P anyways just wanted to drop in and say these icons are hot :)
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Thanks, R3D, appreciate it!
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Launcher Pro is free but this icon them is not = fail. This is why people put them on the black market for free, make donate version if you want money instead = respect.
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You have the option to buy it or download the icons for free and make your own LP theme. Choice is up to the user. Respect has nothing to do with price, it's the quality of work.

P.S. Launcher Pro Plus isn't free, I still bought it, quality is worth the money ;)
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Buying and downloading for free are in different forms, sigh. So no choice for the user. Who said respect has anything to do with price? Respect has to do with the offer.

P.S. Launcher Pro Plus wasn't even in discussion and certainly a donate option would be best as the paid version is free on the black market. ;)
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I'm sorry you feel that way, have a good day sir :peace:
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I too am sorry you feel that way about it, as I speak for most. Also have a good day :peace:
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i have installed the icons, but what i do to apply them to apps?
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I'm not sure what you mean, DM me your problem sir.
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How can i have icons png please ?? In advance thanks
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They're links on my deviantart to d/l just the icons.
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Nice work. Your a credit to the community.
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Definitely buying this!
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