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Ayami Kojima, M.C. Escher, Sandra Equihua, Katsuya Terada
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Alien, The Thing, Studio Laika films
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Queen, ELO, IAMX, Muse, Radiohead, Oingo Boingo, Broadcast
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Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, MGS, Pokemon series
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N64, so many memories~
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Writing, RPing, Stories.. Gardening and Botany, Art analysis, Animation
Hey dudes just want to make a big SORRY! for now and into the future cuz I don't see this changing any time soon. I have all but completely stopped looking at everyone's art in my inbox because of how tedious it is to go through it anymore. I can't believe they took away the click-through buttons and the button to remove it from your inbox directly on the deviation itself I,: I can't believe that it constantly resets to "deviations only" and won't just stay on "All" no matter how many times I click that stupid tab. YELL! I'm super sorry to everyone I watch for no longer looking at or commenting on your art :,V! It might not be that noticeable on your guys' end but it really is on mine. At some point when I have the time I'm going to sit down and muster my way through my inbox as much at a time as I can, and try to leave good comments on all the art I'm able to. No telling when I will have the time and brain power at once for that though ),: I just wanted to state that publicly!
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Commissions Are Open! Check out that google doc with all the in-depth info! I am offering commissions because the world is falling apart and I've lost my job. :,D You can get sketches, character drawings and pixel icons~! I would be super stoked to do some pixel commissions! At some point I hope to offer paper cutout boxes again too, but with everything being closed indefinitely due to global pandemic, I haven't been able to restock on the boxes I use for them. Let alone get any paper I might need depending on the commission. So those aren't currently available, until further notice. Sorry..! (That said I do still have that kiriban going on
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Does anybody still do kiribans anymore? lol Well looks like I do! For the first time in my entire DA career hah I never notice my own page views but I did realize it's approaching some interesting numbers here, and I think I'd be willing and able to make some free art for anyone who catches it! I'm gonna do multiple upcoming numbers for kiriban too, so if you don't catch one maybe you can catch another! Let's see if even one of these gets caught haha The numbers will be: 53335 Caught!! 53535 Forfeit?! 55333 Missed?!? 55555 CAUGHT!!! If you see a number that's only 5s and/or 3s, screenshot it! Then either send me a note with the image or c
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Thanks for the Llama (* ̄▽ ̄)b

Thanks for the Watch ^^
Totally! I love your style and the fandoms you draw!

Ah, I'm glad you like the fandoms too :D

Absolutely! I am addicted to Legend of Zelda haha
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Thank you for the support, I'm glad you liked our crafts! Huggle! ! Love