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Eva unit 01 berserk coloured

By r7ll
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*fullview please! *
Wooo! Finally done :D Hope you like it ^^. Work in progress shots and close up details can be found here

In case any of you are wondering why the eva shown here looks slightly different from the eva in the anime/manga, it's because I based all the detailing on the concept sketches for the live action Evangelion movie by WETA workshop... check out the galleries here

[Edit] Omg.. a DD?!? :faint:
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Had this almost for a year as my background, finally I know whom to thank to for this amazing superfantastic artwork of my onetruelove EVA 01! It's so creepy, I was always fascinated when that beast came out. Love the nightscape with the forest and tht red glowing spot.
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That thing is scary when its berserk.
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(love that picture!) Dammit Shinji! YOU HAD ONE JOB! ...... ONE .... JOB ...Gadget 
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still love it its toooooooooooo badass and i find it ewerywhere
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soooooo awesomeeeee!!!!!!!
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Need SR-2000 to even face that!!!
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Yah, I remember seeing this years ago. Shame that the live-action movie project dosen't seem to be going anywhere.
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just thought I'd let you know incase you werent aware of it's posting on zerochan :)
love this. <3
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Oh, boy. Shinji must've woken up on the wrong side of the psych ward today. This cyborg walks where Angels fear to tread... literally. This is EPIC! The only thing I can compare it to is [link] but even that can't match up to Eva 01.
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Great art. His fierce expression, the use of lights and shadows and the detail with the s2 make this work amazing.
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Thanks! I remember making all sorts of weird faces in front of the mirror to get the right expression down. Glad nobody walked in on me whilst I was painting...
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Words can't describe how cool...no AWESOME this looks! :D
Very very nice!
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looking good! nice detail and coloring!
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Really awesome ^^
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wow pretty nice
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Holy cow, I didn't know that this was a DD! I remember when you made it, years ago. Congrats! I always loved this one.
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