Do you sell your artwork and earn money with deviantART?
3030 votes
Yes - 10.000 US-$ or more per year
Yes - 1.000 - 10.000 US-$ per year
Yes - 100 -1.000 US-$ per year
Yes - 10 - 100 US-$ per year
Yes - 1 -10 US-$ per year
No - I try to sell prints with deviantART but nothing has happened so far
No - I am an "idealist" and don't want to make money with my hobby
No - I sell my prints just outside from deviantART
No - I hate the deviantART print sale
:whisper: Other - please comment

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By r72
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So I want to start selling some of my digital artwork, but in the final print version, is the DA watermark removed? I don't want to sell my artwork to people with the watermark on
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final is without watermark. printing is done from your source file 
Ahhh okay, thank you very much! 
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I doubt people would be interested in what I put up for prints. Never had luck selling my art.
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I have been here for a day,let see how it pans out.
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how can I sell my sold pictures and how can I found my money on my friend
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Just put your finest art in the print shop and than wait and hope ;) May be you are the Picasso of the future!
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Do you have to pay to sell prints?
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No! dA take a certain part of money of every picture you have sold...
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You're welcome! :heart:
I chose other and mine is because I am new and don know how to sell art.
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I don't really know how. I've never tried really. What if I want a separate account for business and pleasure?
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Why not? Good idea!
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Try Redbubble or Society6.
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New Here...
So, DA keeps 80% of the base price of any artwork?
And, let's say that, I put something to sell, and one person buys it... can any other person buy the same piece? And still I'll get 20% of my base price?
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Please sent your question to help desk of dA to get the right answers. 80% for dA seemed to be too much for me. You are the owner of this pic . for ever! You just can give the using or print rights to anyone who is interested for a payment you have to fix in a contract. Read the contract you have made with dA. If you care about this you have to check it with dA. For my side I trust the print department of dA to handle payments in the right way. I have no chance to control it later if I agree for prints!
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Thanks for the reply and excuse my late reply.
Yes, I've read the dA FAQ's and I can't decide wether or not this will be a good idea.
dA offers free services, and i'm grateful with this site just for that.
But paying to get more than 20% of my base price of any possible art buyed, it's not as attractive as getting paid for a freelance job.

I'll have to pass with this, and maybe use dA as a self-publishing platform/tool and nothing more.
Escuse me if I bothered with my question/response.

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Juan, everything is fine! Have fun! :hug:
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I gave up here, but I still enjoy uploading and being part of the community. 
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idk how to on deviantart...
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Just click the print button! ;)
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i mean get the money, and i've never actually been paid on here for anything....
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I am just starting but my art is going to need to make profits or I am going to be screwed over this is a new venture for me and this is going to make or break me real quickly so I am watermarking my stuff and the dead pistol (The CO2 Pistol CZ-75 D Compact Dual Tone) is the first art piece I did and I am going to be posting my artwork but I am working on a timeline that isn't my friend. My goal is to get my airsoft bill to be less and then I can post more art to help that part of my life cheaper then I am going to be working on financing my Youtube Channel with the funds this is to start my life and I am grateful for anyone to buy my merchandise cause this is admittedly med-quality at best but soon I will try to do more. until then please help support me.
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