Do you sell your artwork and earn money with deviantART?
3030 votes
Yes - 10.000 US-$ or more per year
Yes - 1.000 - 10.000 US-$ per year
Yes - 100 -1.000 US-$ per year
Yes - 10 - 100 US-$ per year
Yes - 1 -10 US-$ per year
No - I try to sell prints with deviantART but nothing has happened so far
No - I am an "idealist" and don't want to make money with my hobby
No - I sell my prints just outside from deviantART
No - I hate the deviantART print sale
:whisper: Other - please comment

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By r72
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So I want to start selling some of my digital artwork, but in the final print version, is the DA watermark removed? I don't want to sell my artwork to people with the watermark on