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The 2001 Milk Hill Fractal Galaxy Crop Formation.



A closer look at its geometry and some inside information you probably don't know! Click twice for full resolution.
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The information about this crop circle is not true. The evidence, by scientific analysis, shows it was not man made. https://www.unknowncountry.com/headline-news/chilbolton-milk-hill-crop-circle-test-results/

"definitive proof comes from scientific analysis of the plant and soil samples taken from it. Most of this work has been done by Michigan biophysicist, Dr. W. C. Levengood. Linda asked Charles and Francis Mallett of Wiltshire to collect samples from all three circles and send them to Dr. Levengood and she has just received the results from his testing.

Growth nodes from the Milk Hill formation of August 12th were lengthened and had expulsion cavities, which are small holes blown out of the stem nodes. Dr. Levengood has documented such expulsion cavities in other formation plants over the past several years. He believes that cell water is heated by a mysterious kind of microwave energy that interacts with crops to produce the crop formations that are not made by people flattening the crop.

Dr. Levengood also discovered that the Milk Hill formation wheat seed weights were significantly reduced in size compared to normal control wheat samples taken outside the formation. But when the Milk Hill seeds were germinated under controlled laboratory conditions, they had a 111% increase in growth rate compared to the controls. He has found that crop circle seeds show increased growth rate and has demonstrated in his lab that short bursts of microwaves on crops can produce accelerated growth.

He also found higher than normal deposits of magnetic material in the soil sampled from the Milk Hill cropcircle compared to soil outside the formation. He?s seen unusual concentrations of magnetic iron in other crop formations from Israel and Europe, as well as the United States.

He feels that the incredibly intricate Milk Hill circle was formed by a spinning microwave energy system interacting with the wheat plants, causing biochemical and biophysical changes and a higher concentration of magnetic iron particles in the soil."