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July 8, 2007
SimpleX 0.32 by ~r4dius is a Winamp Skin that matches almost every desktop setup on this planet. Great overall look, fonts and colors. A must try for Winamp users!
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SimpleX 0.33



New version 0.34 is now available > [link] <


I finally added a thin shade (bar) player - you'll notice if the player is too small in shade mode, the "screen" will cover all the player area then it'll reduce and show the buttons when mouse is over - and two shade modes for the other windows :)

There's a readme picture in the zip, it shows how to use the shaded player if needed.

To get the same font in playlist you have to
-install hooge6.ttf [link] (copy it to your windows/font folder)
-in winamp go to "Options / Preferences / General Preferences / Playlist"
-set "Playlist font size" to 8
-uncheck "Use skin or language pack font" and select "hooge 6" in the "Use font" dropdown list

Have a look in the "Options (SimpleX)" menu if you want to change the background opacity, if you click the song informations (stereo ...) in the player window it'll toggle the album title.

Update 12 oct 06:
-Added "classic title bar buttons" option as requested a long time ago ^^
-Now title bar button icons stay visible when changing opacity
-Added "full" dark, dark blue and full dark blue themes

Update 16 oct 06:
-Fixed a bug when playing wma streaming
-Added "Orange" and "You've to like yellow" themes + "Version2" submited by jasmin986

Update 23 may 07:
-Fixed various bugs
-Added shade modes (1 for the player and up to 2 for the other windows)
-Added player width enlargement (by request)
-Replaced the "ML" button with "O" for the skin option window (but you can switch wich one to show)

Update 09 jun 07:
-Fixed media library opening bug
-Changed standardframe.m so you only need to click playlist once to get it selected (for scrolling etc...)

Update 13 jun 07:
-Added "Docked Toolbar" compatibility for player shade
there's actually a glitch in Winamp with skins using alpha blending (like mine), if using desktop alpha when docking / undocking a window it can disappear, you can prevent that by disabling desktop alpha before docking and re-enabling it after docked, the bug should be fixed in the next Winamp release ( [link] )
-Added visualizer to player shade (when width is twice the original)

Update 10 jul 07:
-no real update just added the font file and a readme.txt about how to set the playlist font

Update 17 dec 07:
-Added (small) cover display
-Fixed some bugs:
+error with the remaining time from streaming
+a bug in winamp 5.36 hiding the first song info character
+stuff I forgot

The skin was made using Winamp 5.35 (it should work with older versions but I can't guaranty), you should consider upgrading at least to 5.36 when it's out as it'll fix a bug with "Docked Toolbar"

There's not much color themes, if you create some cool ones feel free to mail 'em to me (mail is in the skin informations) :)
© 2007 - 2022 r4dius
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