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2019 Summary of Art

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Well look who's posting. I didn't plan to make this meme at all 'cause finished like two full illustrations last year. But well, a tradition is a tradition, and not finishing stuff doesn't mean I didn't draw. I did, a lot, but last year was a challenging one to say the least - the first minutes of 2020 included me falling on my knees on the street while watching the fireworks as I had been nearly sure I'd not see the end of 2019. I did, and I'm in a much better place than I was before, and it almost feels surreal to be this... content? Peaceful? Recovering? I've still got a long road ahead of me to full recovery, but I don't really mind the place I'm in now. I've got people around me who helped me walk through the mud and pulled my sorry ass up when I considered drowning in it. 

Also it's quite funny that the worst year of my life was actually one of the best regarding my art - I didn't finish shit, but I re-learned to sketch by hand and actually started to practice backgrounds for real and worked with improving my existing skills instead of just hating my style. I mean I still hate it sometimes, but it's mine and it's what I've got to work with.

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I love those "HMMM..." pics XD

You have amazing art, keep up the good work! :hug: