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Splash Brushes

Preview dont convey this set as well as it could.
I hope You'll like those brushes :)

Edit:Ahh and plz, credit or send me a link if u use :)
I'll be happy to see my work is useful.
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I'm really glad! Enjoy!
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Thanks for the brushes! Used them a little bit here.
Not exactly an emphasized use, but a use nonetheless!
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I love to see every single use, even if it's just a one brush :D

Thank you very much! :)

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Excellent brushes! This is exactly what I was looking for as I was making one of my World of Warcraft Boss Kill videos. :D Came out very awesome, thankyou! Video link here: [link]
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Thanks for the link, I'll check it right away, and I'm glad they turned up to be useful :)
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Really nice brush ^^. I used it here: [link]
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Very nice usage! Thanks for sharing :)
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great brushes!, used them here: [link]
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Nice work!
Thanks for the info :)
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This is to let you know that I used your lovely brushes in my A WV Beetle 65 Lover Wallpaper! :aww:

Thnx so much for being so generous and share them with DA community! :XD:
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You're welcome ^^
I'm glad you like those :)
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Wow, it's great :)
Thanks for the note :)
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those are looking niceeee...thank you!
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Np, i hope You'll use it well ^^
And thanks for the watch :)
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weź zrób takie do gimpa :XD:
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W Gimpie sie bawiłem kiedyś na początku swojej kariery :D
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Żeby zrobić pędzelki do gimna wystarczy zmienić rozszerzenie przy zapisywaniu :D
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To mam rozumieć, że Ci działa? :D
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