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First of all, here's a tutorial which helped me learning how to start with those creatures!…
It's a great tutorial, give it a try!

It seems November is a good month for me!
I got an idea one more time and this time I decided to give galaxy a shot, since I didn't make any since Seti.
I hope it's as good as I think, let me know :)
Have to say, I'm proud of it.

With special dedication to :iconarijka22:
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How does one come around painting something like this?
Like, where did you start?
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I start simple, here I started with the idea of having a galaxy so I put one in the middle, and then to the surroundings, effects and so on :)
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This galaxy drives me crazy! It's simply perfect!!
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Thank you very much! :)
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Congrats! Now I consider you a master of making galaxies. You nailed those brown nebula. :D
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Thank you :D
I'll be making more for sure :)
This is great. What font did you use for the "Sanctity" text?
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Optimus Princeps if I remember correctly :) Found it on
Looks like it. Thanks.
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You're welcome :)
Strangely the large emptiness around the galaxy makes the picture feel better. Wonder why. I wish I could see the full 6000x3150 version so that I can see all the detail. But you already said below that you wouldn't send it, sadly.
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I recently found out it's not about filling the whole picture, but to kinda force people to focus on one certain point of picture, the rest is just filling the composition.
And unfortunately I can't, I can upload some 100% size crops though, it should be fair enough :)
It would be great if you could. You know, at this scale you'd probably see lots of small galaxies in the background.
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You're right, although I got a little bit lazy with it, because this galaxy took a lot of time, and is my 2nd try in galaxies at all.
But I promise I'll make more next time :)
[link] here are some details :)
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Dziękujedziękujedziękujedziękuje..! :hug:
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Cala przyjemnosc po mojej stronie :D
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This is so awesome. Wish I could do this, but my Photoshop is too old to use any of the brushes from the tutorial link. :(
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You don't have to use exact ones :)
If you reply to that comment I'll send you link in another reply :D
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Simply gorgeous! :love:
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Beautiful! I love galaxies! They are so rare in space art, which I understand... for me, they were the hardest to master.
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I actually have to edit the description because your tutorial helped me a lot understanding it! Especially those dark gases.
And I'd like to thank you for that!
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Im really glad that I helped you in some way. Yours and Adam Burn's art gave me the inspiration to start doing my own space art, and I'd like to thank you for that! :D I feel honored. :)
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I'm honestly honored that you put me in one row with Adam Burn, because he's inspiring me too!
Every time I look at his works I think "Damn it's time to do something as good as this!".
And I'm really glad I'm partly a reason there's another space artist among us :D
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