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Real Bokeh Brushes

***Added watermarking because it's been ripped too many times***

I know it's been a shitload of time since I've uploaded anything, and I'm sorry you must wait for me... Anyway, I was looking for some bokeh brushes tonight, and realized there is no such thing. Most of the time, it's just round brush a lil bit tuned. So what I did, I get my shitty crappy camera and made those little beauties. 10 brushes along with settings, I hope you'll find a nice use for them. And as usual, let me know if you use it, I really appreciate every single work I can help make!

PS. I can always make this pack bigger, just let me know. I'll do so gladly.

PPS. I love you all! :cake:

PPPS. Please, if you like it, fave it. It takes a second but means a lot to me :)
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Thank you very much! This is so different from everything that's out there.

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Used your stock here: Thank you! :)
The Greatest Showman by Dreamvisions86  
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You. Are. Awesome! CURSE YOU!  :D (Big Grin) 
Awesome brushes mate! Thanks!!
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No problem! :)
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Used here: Happy Holidays to Everyone by EveLivesey Many thanks!
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used here thank yu so much Prodigy by nesekavak  
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Thank you for sharing :)
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I used your brushes here:
Art Trade With Frozen Q
Thank you c:
Thank you) Your brushes helped me in my work  
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You're very welcome!
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Looks wonderful! Thanks!
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You're welcome :)
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what version is it in for Photoshop i'v got CS 3
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As far as I remember it was done in CS4 but you can try it out, shouldn't cause any problems :)
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thx tehy look great ;)
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Thanks, these are really cool. I'll let you know when I use them in something I create.
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I hope they'll serve you well!
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These  brushes are amazing. When I finish my poster, i'll upload it with a link. Absolutely perfect for a "christmas, light and sparkly" design.
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I'm really glad you like them :)

Have fun using them!

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Thank you! I have used them and they are AMAZING! Work very well for adding subtle hints of light and flare.Nod 
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I'm really glad you like them! :)
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This was the first poster I used your brushes on. I do mostly Desktop Publishing and design which means I see the genius of other people and put the pieces together. Every once in a while do I have to create from scratch all by myself. Here is the link.…
Since making this poster, the range of possibilities has grown. Thanks again!
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I'm really glad I could contribute so much by giving away that pack!
Hope you'll use them again and again!
Really great job on that poster!
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