Trapped (2020 ReWrite)

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The tall figure moved forward through the dusty halls. A light breeze catching the sheer gown that hugged her body. She was a peculiar sight, porcelain skin as clear as snow. Sunkissed hair, cleaning to her sickly frame. She was moving, slowly, across the floor. Eyes shut tightly before snapping open as a soft melody filled the empty halls. How strange. It had been such a long time since these sounds danced through these dusty halls. With each step, the sound grew louder. A strange and uneasy feeling rising up in her stomach. Twisting it into knots. Fingers tangling with one another in front of her frame. Why was it so discomforting? She thought, brows pushing together as she finally reached the room. French doors keeping her from moving forward.

“.....” A distressed expression decorated her soft face, before biting back and swallowing. 1. 2. 3.. The doors were pushed open. And right before her, ooh that familiar and terrifyingly bitter figure was now visible. To think, he would be sitting there. Sitting in the empty room after such a long time. That man. That bitter..pathetic man. “V-Victor…” a mix of emotions spilled out as his name was spoken, twisted her face into a mix of anger, pain..and fear. And just as he had appeared, he was gone. The room is completely void of his presence. Pressing her hands together, which hadn’t separated. Trembling. He escaped. Just like he always does. That stupid man.

Deep Breathe. She reminded herself, eyes now closed, in an attempt to relax her shaken body. One Breathe. Two...three… done. As if she casted a spell on herself, locking the emotions that had shaken her core, no longer showed. She was calm. Back to her relaxed expression, though sad now. It had been a long time since anything came from that…. Thing. Which was evidence in the thick layer of dust coated the room and webs decorated every possible surface that made sense. It was a forgotten room, one she had hoped would remain forgotten. Just like this manor. Just like her.

No matter how long she stared at this room, it was evident that no one had been there. Not for a long time. She was just remembering… that’s all. Just as she had opened these doors, she closed them. Tightly this time, as if she wasn’t just shutting the doors, but something else. Burying it deep inside. Her fingers wrapped tightly on the handles before releasing it. She had somewhere else to be, she needed to keep moving. But, where was it again? It was hard to remember, but her body knew. She needed to head further down the halls, there was something she needed to do. So, she continued. Her steps were soundless as she continued forward. Each room she passed had not been cleaned in years, dust-coated every inch, a broken chandler decorated the room she finally reached. Such a familiar room, decorated in the same fashion as the other rooms. But, something was different. This room was still prepared for a meal, though no food sat on the dining table. Finally, a bitter smile crossed her lips. Three spots. She remembered. A small figure sitting in one, words unable to be heard were spoken. Though, just like the previous figure. It too faded. It hurt. A pain swallowing up in her chest, and she turned away from the table. This time, it was going to be different. And so. She moved, again. Towards the french balcony doors, that led outside. Her hand reaching outwards to take the handle. “It has to be different.” A soft voice spoke, and so she tried. Turning the handle.

“Agh!” Within a few seconds, she pulled her hand away, pain filling her eyes. It was always the same. Why was it always the same?! Why did she get trapped in this house?! As these thoughts came rushing through her mind. Her body gave in and she fell to her knees with a thud. “YOU BASTARD!!” She shouted out, fingers clenching her chest. It was all HIS fault. If she didn’t fall for his stupid lies, for his sweet words… his false love. If only she had SEEN his cheating ways. If only… she hadn’t given him the power he needed. None of this would have happened. She couldn’t have died. Her son wouldn’t have disappeared. “Why am I being punished for loving the wrong man? “ The question slipped from her lips, tears dropping onto her hands. Nothing was going to change. She was trapped, inside this forgotten manor. Time moving one around her. And just as the sunlight began to fill the room, everything faded until the next full moon.

*This is a story about a woman trapped in a tragic loop of time and memories. 

I re-write this story a lot. hah. Never really writing more about it. I have fun writing out this scene over and over. Maybe, one day I'll actually continue the story. lol.

Original: 2010
2013 Rewrite
2018 Rewrite

Written by :iconr3drabbit:
© 2020 - 2023 R3dRabbit
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