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Obsidianus 2.0 Vol. 1: System



IMPORTANT NOTE: I don't really care if people incorporate icons from this set in their own websites, graphics, etc., just PLEASE TELL ME so I know and can take a look :)

An design update of the original Obsidianus Icon Set [link]

This is the way the set was originally conceived: glassy and translucent from top to bottom. The new style allows for the icons to be even more translucent than before. The icons are also less visually obtrusive, meaning your desktop will appear cleaner. They look great with abstract wallpaper and in Cover Flow.

Volume one contains only the system icons (as designated by Panic's Candybar application) in order to release the update sooner and reduce download size for those who don't want the extra icons.

This updated icon set includes a full replacement system icon set with several extra icons, including additional folders and icons for your Boot Camp Mac and Windows partitions. Each of the the 100 icons is full 512x512px for Mac OS X Leopard.

Extras included:
- Uploads Folder
- Scripts Folder
- Chats Folder
- Experiments Folder
- Notes Folder
- Games Folder
- Photoshop Folder
- Vectors Folder
- Apple Folder
- Classic Folder
- Macintosh HD
- Windows HD
- Loose Parts Folder
- Alternate Finder Icon
- Replacement Dock

Installation instructions are detailed in the included readme file.

This ZIP download contains the CandyBar Icon Container, ICNS Files and Readme file.

Watch my DeviantArt or for the releases of the remaining volumes, including iPods and Applications!

**note: I have been asked several times about the name "Obsidianus." The name is derived from obsidian glass [link] and refers to the black, glassy quality of the volcanic rock.
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