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I don't always... - cat by r3dhawk I don't always... - cat :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 3 0 Kasamatsu Yukio Shimeji by r3dhawk Kasamatsu Yukio Shimeji :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 7 12 Miss Charlotte by r3dhawk Miss Charlotte :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 7 1 Yurine by r3dhawk Yurine :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 8 2 7. Mawaru by r3dhawk 7. Mawaru :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 2 3 13. Mawaru by r3dhawk 13. Mawaru :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 8 0 Sanetoshi Watase by r3dhawk Sanetoshi Watase :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 19 2 Jack Icons by r3dhawk Jack Icons :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 12 0 Xeno by r3dhawk Xeno :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 5 4 Horo v.2 by r3dhawk Horo v.2 :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 21 2 So true... by r3dhawk So true... :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 1 2 evil thoughts by r3dhawk evil thoughts :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 17 6 Feliks v.1 by r3dhawk Feliks v.1 :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 4 0 Horo v.1 by r3dhawk Horo v.1 :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 28 2 Ryu and Horohoro by r3dhawk Ryu and Horohoro :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 1 0 Yoh and Ren by r3dhawk Yoh and Ren :iconr3dhawk:r3dhawk 6 2


Abstraction Sharon by AmuletDia-Chan Abstraction Sharon :iconamuletdia-chan:AmuletDia-Chan 29 13 Shounen Oujo - Yuri by AmuletDia-Chan Shounen Oujo - Yuri :iconamuletdia-chan:AmuletDia-Chan 7 0 Rufus by 0zick Rufus :icon0zick:0zick 46 1 Glen Baskerville Disease. by Doochum Glen Baskerville Disease. :icondoochum:Doochum 3 5 the moon + the star by scarfboyfriends the moon + the star :iconscarfboyfriends:scarfboyfriends 127 31
Jinguji Ren x Reader: It's a secret between us
‘Hello?’ You found yourself in the room in which Tsukimiya-sensei told you to wait for the composer and the other idol you were about to work with. As far as you knew, you were assigned with one of the STARISH members for this job. You sat quietly on the sofa and put your bag down. There was a magazine on the coffee table so you took it out of boredom and flipped few pages.
STARISH huh?  You were pretty amazed Shining assigned you for a job with one of them since they usually do jobs alone or with somebody from their group. You felt a little proud you were needed for this project and smiled then resumed to the article but you didn’t get to finish it because soon you heard footsteps and the door opened. A peach pink haired girl walked in apologizing for being late, followed by a tall, strawberry blonde haired male. You recognized them both as soon as they walked in and greeted them: Nanami Haruka and Jinguuji Ren.
‘Excuse us for being late; did you wa
:iconalessazero:AlessaZero 45 3
Owari no Seraph - Ferid Bathory x reader - Taste
I ran as fast as I could. My lungs were burning and my legs didn’t belong to me anymore…I couldn’t feel them. Only my will kept me moving forward. Tears moistened me cheeks and I fled from the chasing shadow which I felt dangerously behind me.
“Whither goest thou…my love?”.
I stopped in my tracks as a figure blocked my path. My legs were shaking with fear and exhaustion and they barely kept me upright.
“You know that there is no point running away from the wolf my little lamp…”. I let my hand hover over my sword and was more than ready to draw it every moment. The figure still hid in the shadows and I knew that things looked black.
“What do you want…vampire?!”. Frightened I looked into these glowing orbs which lingered in the shadows…never letting me out of sight.
“What I desire…hmmm”. The pale demon took one step out of the silent darkness and finally I could face him directly. His silver h
:iconsebbi-chan:Sebbi-chan 253 64
Mahiru Hiragi by Vincent1055 Mahiru Hiragi :iconvincent1055:Vincent1055 6 0
Indirect Rejection? (Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader)
    Aoba Jousai High, otherwise known as Seijou, school to the infamous captain volleyball player Oikawa Tooru, is also the school where (Y/n) studies as a third year and is classmate to both him and Iwaizumi Hajime.
    Oikawa Tooru is often seen with his friend Iwaizumi Haijime, the ace and vice-captain of Seijou's volleyball team.  Hajime’s usually there to keep his friend in check.  Although that was true, he mostly went unnoticed by the girls.  Whenever Oikawa was there, Iwaizumi was mostly overlooked.  Well, it also happens to the other members of the volleyball team.  Iwaizumi had seen most of the rejections and although he wasn't watching directly, he had seen every possible reaction of girls whose hearts have just been broken.  Today was no different. 
    Iwaizumi knew that Oikawa was being confessed to today but he was once again appointed to make sure that he gets to after-s
:iconviolethaze07:violethaze07 408 19
Yakuza!Imayoshi x Reader: Something Valuable 2 END
6 years ago
"Ya! (name)-chan!" A voice of your favorite -mean- senpai called your name from the busy hallways to the cafeteria. You were on your way to get yourself some lunch food-but of all the time he comes and talks to you- he picks lunch time- a rush time.
"Ah- hi, senpai." You looked up at the tall man. He's really tall-you can't stop wondering all the time how tall this point guard is.
"I'm 180cm. (name)-chan." As if he heard your silent question, he answered.
"Woah-180-- so tall--er...I wasn’t asking for your height sempai." You turned red backing away from him.
"Ahaha. You look like you were asking for it though." He said, chuckling.
"Don't be stupid." You blushed and looked away in embarrassment. "Why are you calling me anyway?" You grumbled.
"Ah, yeah. The basketball teams' having a small celebration- so I'm inviting you to come."
"I've come to pick you up, (name)-chan, let's go." Imayoshi grabbed your hands and pulled you out of the crowded cafet
:icongekokujougirl:gekokujougirl 49 15
Cheater!Aomine xReader (Aftermath)
You leaned against the doorway and stared. Just stared. There were clothes littering the floor and at least half of it didn't belong to you or Aomine.
You could hear the rapid creaking of the bed suddenly stop as a feminine scream pierced your ears.
A tightness wound itself in your chest and you silently walked forward until you stood just outside the door.
"What about your fiancé baby?" A high lusty giggle panted out.
"What about her? She's convenient that's all. Always riding my ass, boring and way too shy to top it off."
Your heart clenched and tears welled in your eyes.
"Then why marry her?"
"I just told you. Convenience. She's dedicated to me so why not. She travels way too much to notice anyway." He grunted.
You felt your blood run hot and with adrenaline coursing through your system, you kicked the door in, knocking it off the first hinge entirely.
Aomine and his bitch sat up in shock to see your quivering form.
"Do me (NAME) again. You traitoro
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 418 92
Forever and Always || Kasamatsu Yukio
Long time ago, when only good existed in the world your thoughts were occupied with small matters, the ones that were happening ‘here and now’. You never wondered about the future nor the past and worries were something that come and go in one second. Just like the people around. The ones on the street, passers- by, that were met only to be forgotten forever a moment later, your one- day playmates in primary school, classmates or other kids in school. They appeared in your life, only to walk away from it after some time.
But there was that one person that seemed to always be next to you. You couldn’t really say why as there wasn’t much you had in common. But as the gold sand was thrown by your hand at the poor boy that you didn’t even know, some sort of a bond formed between you.
A complete stranger became some sort of a companion on your daily adventures. But as you spend more time together, shared secrets and got into troubles, your friendship bloomed. H
:iconlilysm:Lilysm 113 28
Sleeping Beauty || Kasamatsu Yukio
A sweet smell of many flowers filled the air as the light wind flew inside the sultry room. The gust of fresh air calmed the nerves and set the many hearts that gathered in one place at ease. A soft hum of leafs mixed with the masculine voice of the principal as he uttered his last words towards the seniors. They were sitting in their uncomfortable chairs, listening to the never ending speech. The usually modified and personalized uniforms were changed into their plain and formal way. It made all of the students look the same.
And there, in the back of the room sat a dark haired teen, named Kasamatsu Yukio. Arms crossed, back straightened and eyes gazing at the stage before him. He never moved from the spot even a millimeter. His mind was somewhere far away, as he recalled the days of high school. He thought about the days he spent practicing basketball and how he wouldn’t have much time for that in the future.
The last few days came to his mind. Everyone was talking about how ne
:iconlilysm:Lilysm 162 56
I want a baby brother ( Akashi x Reader )
I want a baby brother (Akashi x Reader)
"Mommy, wake up " You heard a small voice calling you but seeing it's only seven o'clock in the morning, you decided to ignore the voice.
"Mommy, mommy, wake up" Now the voice started to jump on the bed making you fully wake up.
Opening your left eye, you saw Seichi. Your 4 year old son. Now opening both of your eyes, you saw Seichi pouting.
" What's wrong." You asked before ruffling his red hair.
"Mommy..." He said then hugging you.
Carrying Seichi downstairs. You carefully and quietly open the door to your room not to waje up Seijuro.
Setting him down and kneeling down to his level you asked him
"Okay,tell me what's wrong?"
"Mommy, I want a baby brother" He commanded. Yep, a real Akashi here.
"Now, Seichi, is that the proper way to ask for a baby brother."
" No, but that is how Daddy asks you to do something for him."
Before you can explain to him that it is wrong to order people around, you felt someone hugging you waist.
"Seichi, can you wait
:icontheshadowphantom11:TheShadowPhantom11 442 27
The Marriage Life - Akashi Seijuro (Engagement)
Akashi Seijuro [ Engagement ]
The fancy glass chandelier hung glamorously upon the high ceiling of the grand hall, shimmering softly to its lights. A piano was being skillfully played by a well-dressed man, an elegant melody releasing with the help of his fingertips. Men and woman dressed in extravagant formal wear converse amongst themselves with a glass of expensive wine resting between their fingers. False smiles were glued to their faces as they mingled with their partners, doing the best they can to impress them for their own financial gain.
Akashi was amongst the ones who mingled. They put up the perfect front against him, mentally begging for him to like them. Even cracking jokes once in a while only to receive a chilling smile from him. Honestly, they wouldn't be around him if it wasn't for his business. They thought of him as an arrogant redheaded tyrant who always looked down on others. But of course, they weren't going to let him know that.
Across the grand
:iconnekokoafanfiction:NekokoaFanfiction 269 21



So... two years have passed since I've last updated my journal... Shame on me. 

What's new? 
My list of mangas to read and animes to watch got longer. Like A LOT longer.

Currently I'm fighting my laziness, trying to improve my "skills". 

I don't know what to do, so I'm giving you this little badass :
evil thoughts by r3dhawk


Edit :
WTF? It's like 32 degrees (Celsius obviously ) in shadow! It's like ... 90F, or something. My poor PC. It's way too hot for you, baby. T_T
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  • Eating: cherries
  • Drinking: lots and lots of ice tea


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