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Part 1 / Chapter 1 / Whatever

The Visitor From My Imagination.

8:00 AM

*tick, tock, tick, tock, tick* *DING*

Re falls out of bed.

Of course, He’s intentionally rigged an enormous bell to ding once the clock hits 8:00 AM, It’s the only way he can reliably wake himself up.

*spring reloads* *DING*

Of course, He didn’t forget to make sure it repeatedly dings until he walks over to the other side of the room to deactivate it as well.


*groan* “I hate these things I do sometimes..”, re thinks to himself as he covers his ears.


Re gets up and reaches over to his shirt, and slips it on. He sighs and cringes as the bell rings again, standing himself up. He rubs his eyes and yawns, stretching his arms out.

*spring begins to reload* He immediately jumps to the clock and holds back the spring, clicks the off switch, and then sighs in relief. He walks back to his bed, and sits down.

Re looks around, and picks up his phone to look at the time. “8:09 AM Saturday, Jan 14, 2014”

“5 new emails”

He enters his pin, *3* *1* *4* *1*, *click*.

“YouTube service Reply from ‘superstitiousperson’ on ‘NASA PREDICTS THE END OF THE WORLD FOR REAL THIS TIME’”

Re turns off his phone, puts it down, and gets up. He stretches down and almost reaches his toes with his knees locked.

He suddenly finds himself to be walking to the kitchen, he opens the cabinet, and gets a teabag and a cup. He plonks the teabag in the cup and pours water inside, and puts the cup inside of the microwave. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. *hum*

Re impatiently looks at the spinning teacup, tapping his fingers on the counter as he waits.
“5... 4.... 3.... 2..”-- *click* Microwave door opens and he takes the cup out and places it on the counter. “Sugar”, he reaches over to the sugar substitute and sprinkles in a few packets, and stirs.

His eyes close for one moment, “urgh, too tired.. caffeine will wake me up”, he thinks to himself as he sips the tea.


*something knocks over in his room, and some footsteps are heard*

Re figures it’s his cat making messes, and stays there, sipping the tea,

He hears a tap from his bedroom, as if the object the cat dropped was put back on the table, becoming intrigued in the scenario, he gets up and investigates. “What’s the cat doing..”, he thinks to himself.

He looks partly into the room and sees something strange, something big, something soft, something grey, on the floor. Concerned, he immediately steps into the room, and what he sees shocks him.

There on his bed sat a humanoid figure, coated with fur just like that of his own cat, with a small device in his hand, as he frustratingly tries to do something with it, banging it repeatedly against his thigh. “NO, WRONG PLACE. WRONG PLACE. GET ME OUT OF...oh”

“I can explain! Well... no.. I can’t.. I- I meant to go to.. to... the machine did something weird, there was someone outside, I couldn’t hear what they were saying.. uh... uh..”

Re just gives the visitor a pale face. “darn it,  the alarm clock didn’t work! I must be lucid dreaming again.”, he says out loud to himself. “First time i’ve ever gotten furries in here, How’d I do that?”

The visitor responds with a perplexed face, and says “Uh...”

“I AM LUCID DREAMING I AM LUCID DREAMING”, he yells, and then he plugs his nose. *hng* … “Did my dreams learn how to make themselves all of the sudden feel a lot more real..”

He walks closer to this figure, “You look familiar.. human cat... boy...”, he pokes him. He just looks at him in an equally pale manner.

“What is this.. YOU look familiar!”, replies the figure.

Re thinks about this a little bit, and then looks at the tail, very much fluffy, extending down the side of the bed and to the floor, where it rests, moving back and forth slowly.

“Wait. You’re my fursona! .. Wait i knew that. I knew that the whole time, why didn’t that occur to me.. what other furry do I know of that is grey like that?”, says re.

The figure gives him a stare, “Your fursona? Me? No, you’re my persona.. I mean you look just like him. Same height, same species.. It’s probably just a wild coincidence, that’s all..”

“Pinch me”, says re.



He extends out his claws and gently pinches re-- “OW! … wait so is this some sort of really weird dream?”

“Uh... I just got here” *the visitor shows the device* “I was meant to be transported to uh... the... uh... somewhere else.. my transporter stopped working as soon as I got here, so I couldn’t go back.. I just need you to find me the nearest transportation station so I can go back..”

Re pokes the device and then proceeds to poke the visitor again.

“It feels very real. Who’s doing this? Anybody there?”, says re to the visitor’s chest.

Re looks up, and sees a very much unamused face. “Oh.. sorry.. wait... are you real?”, re asks.

“I feel pretty real. I don’t think you are real.”, he replies.

“What? I was here yesterday, I was here suffering because of that bell *he points* and then drinking tea. I am real”

“Well? Same here.”

“But you can’t be real, you’re exactly like my fursona! From my imagination!”

“Well, You can’t be real either, you’re also exactly like my persona, From my imagination as well.”

They both pause, and stare.

“What’s your name, cat?”

“It’s.. it’s uh.. It’s re.”

They stare for a little bit longer.

“Wait what? My name is re.. well my nickname is re.”

“Well, how about that. The world I come from is real, though, I assure you.”

“What world do you come from, my imagination?”

“You came from MY imagination!”

Human re sits down next to furry re, and thinks.

“Wait.. how is it even possible for you to exist?”

“How is it possible for you to exist! Humans never were a real thing!”

“What? Furries never were a real thing either!”

They both stare at eachother, perplexed with the situation.

“So.. wait.. who’s real and who is imaginary? Because.. i remember that I created the idea of an anthropomorphic cat that looks and acts just like you..”

“I also remember that I created the idea of an anthropomorphic human that looks and acts just like you.”

“Anthro human?”


“But humans are already anthro! That’s like saying redly red!”

“Not where I come from.”


“I’m just so confused”

“So am I”

“Your name is re, my name is re, we previously imagined each other and it’s as if we’ve mutually somehow created each other. That doesn’t make sense!”

“I know.”

“Wait, so, you did something and you ended up here?”

“I wasn’t trying to get here.”

“But you did something and you came here?”

“Yes, your tea must be getting cold, by the way.”, says cat re.

“I can reheat it.”

“What do I call you? Cat re?.. recat?”

“Sure, if it makes you any less confused... can you take me to the nearest transport station?”

“What’s that? Train station? There aren’t any other furries in this world..”

“No, transport station! You know, the ones where you go in and they zap you right into somewhere else... that exists right?”

“Uh, no.. you’re from my imagination, remember? Things from my imagination don’t exist..”

“No, you’re from mine! … Oh nevermind, this gets us nowhere.. are there no means of interdimensional travel?”

“Whoah cat, we haven’t even touched the moon since like 50 years.”

Immediately, they both try to think about this confusing scenario, churning their minds at the apparent paradox of each other having had mutually created eachother and the worlds around them.

They get nowhere.

“Well, that’s fine, it’s not like I really want to go back to my world anyways. It’s just war these days..”

“What? I didn’t imagine any of that with you!”

“Why did you think I was going mad? Because I’m happy?”, and so, immediately, in the mind of re the human, something clicks.

“Wait, are you referring to those drawings?”

“I guess? I’ve been very troubled this past year, from the happenings of my world. It’s all falling apart.”

Human re remembers, the multiple drawings he’s had some artist draw of his fursona a few months to a year ago, of recat being very angry, depressed, and anxious.

“Did.. did I cause that?”, asks re.

“No, I caused it, I was also writing stories about my persona feeling like me, in my life- ok nevermind, it’s just getting paradox-y again.”

Human re scoots over, and places his hand on recat’s chest, and passes his finger through the fur to reveal a scar.

“The scar! The scar is there!”

“Yes, yes it is, Haven’t you gotten it already? Everything you imagined with me actually did happen to me.”

“Ok ok, That makes sense.”

They look at eachother, and stare.

“What do I do with you?”, asks human re. “You can’t just go out and talk to people. They’ll freak out and kill you, thinking you’re an alien or horrible science project.”

Recat lowers his ears and frowns, “I don’t know. I don’t know how to get back, I don’t belong in this world, do I?”

“I guess, there aren’t any of your kind here. Just humans, and dumber versions of you that walk on four legs...”

“Yes, I saw one walk past when I arrived here, It jumped from the table and knocked down your lamp thing, I put it back though...”

“Well, You can live here, I guess.. until you can figure out a way to return to your world or something.. just don’t let yourself be seen though. This is my dorm room, I get to have a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and small living room of my own, it’s ought to be safe because nobody ever comes here but me.”

“Really?”, says re cat, as his eyes lit up and his face shows releif.

“Yes, of course! You’re not just any visitor, you know. You’re special... You’re the visitor from my imagination.”
This is the start of a sort of idea I have gained last night as I was working, I and my friend motivated myself to get started on on it.

It's to serve as a platform for me to practice and maybe improve with writing, as well as for me to have fun, and to perhaps illustrate a wonderful idea I got in my head.

Please no critique, I see all of the horrible flaws already.

Otherwise, What do you think? The story may later develop to become rather "mature" in ways that can be predicted on the later "chapters", however. It's just so fun writing this though. My goodness time flies when you're having fun!

Also, what should I name it? With it's logical paradoxical nature

“Your name is re, my name is re, we previously imagined each other and it’s as if we've mutually somehow created each other. That doesn't make sense!”

I was thinking of something like Entangled Genesis or Entangled Origin or something that has the same idea.

Thanks. ^^; (please be nice please dont hurt me ;~;)

Edit: Updated to the revised version, thought up of a "Chapter Title" as well, Now to finish the second part whenever I get the time. :P

Edit: Turns out this was a one-off. sorry guys. not writing a second chapter. probably not writing again at all.
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jopencjusz Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like this story, can't wait for more, it's going to be very interesting and entertainment. Good job R3Create :)
R3Create Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
thank you ^^
AshesAndEmbers Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:D hooray! The edits are good! keep it up!
R3Create Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Thanks. x3
Raydijaberu Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
This story is so coool, and I'm very glad to see my friends doing well again. =)

Remeber:- DON'T force it! And just have fun!
R3Create Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
wow, thanks! ^^
AshesAndEmbers Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
First of all, I absolutely love the story! It's funny, exciting, and I can't wait to read more! Great job!
Also I love origin stories.

FFFFFFFFFFF you use 3141 as a password too! I use it as my iPod passcode!! That's so awesome!!!

As for a title, lets see... I'm not that good at titles... Gah. I might think of something later.
R3Create Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
Awwww thank you! ^^
AshesAndEmbers Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome! you deserve it!

Hmmm... titles... maybe "Intertwined Origin?" Unless you have one already.

:iconpiplz:Pi is awsome
R3Create Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
Hmm.. Im thinking Entangled Origin. interwined sounds confusing. but then again i want something less obvious, something that a reader could glimpse at and shrug, to later realize the meaning.
AshesAndEmbers Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah... I like titles like that. You could do Gemini-something. Then again, that would still be a bit obvious.

maybe you'll get a title after some later chapters?
R3Create Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
If i do later chapters. maybe. xD
AshesAndEmbers Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I hope you do! ^^
R3Create Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
and i hope so too
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