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Platinum is a Visual Style with platinum elements for any version of Windows Vista and Aero interface for (Premium, Business, and Ultimate).
Maybe some will like it.

:new: 14-Mar-08 Platinum Dark Basic Style now included! pic: [link] :new:
:new: 07-Mar-08 various bugfixes :new:
:new: 05-Mar-08 Platinum Vista Basic Style now included! pic: [link] :new:
:new: 01-Mar-08 Longhorn Bliss by yethzart is now included! :new:
:new: 01-Mar-08 Silver Cursors by yingjunjiu is now included! :new:

Special Thanks to yethzart for the gracious permission to include one of his recent and wonderful works - Longhorn Bliss [link]
Be sure to check out more of yethzart's amazing work here too: [link]

And a Very Special Thanks to JJYing for
the gracious permission to include Silver Cursor Theme [link]
Witness the phenomena firsthand: [link]

Custom Vista themes require that some system files be patched. (see enclosed manual install instructions)
Once the system is patched,
the theme folders and .theme files go to Windows\Resources\Themes, then you're ready to go.

Platinum screenshots:

Platinum Aero - [link]
Platinum Aero Dark - [link]
Platinum Basic - [link]
Platinum Dark Basic - [link]

Looking for other style by me? Ultimate Clear is here - [link]

The download size has been reduced using 7-zip.
7-zip is free (open source) to download and use : [link]
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