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The Time Machine

even newer update, with some help I added more depth by adding buildings. Water effects added and contrast tweaked along with the colours.

Application piece for S3. I hope I get in!
Had so much fun making this, not really my style but I really enjoyed working on it. Experimented with digital painting as well!

Inspired by H. G. Wells [link]
and his novel ; The Time Machine.

:iconresurgere: what would we do without these guys?

Original size is quite large, hit download to view it.

Thank you ver much for viewing!

Rron Nushi
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I absolutely LOVE it!!! Both the concept and execution are flawless, this is one of my top favs!
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how beautiful buildings! I love it :heart:
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I like the picture very much! Can I use it in my track video on youtube? Thanks in advance
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if you give proper credits, sure!
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Thanks a lot! :)
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waaaah rron wat ben je goed geworden!! Echt heel mooi.
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haha danke schon becca ;)
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Man this is amazing. Sorry for the late comment on this, I must have missed it in my deviation box.

It's nice to go out of your regular style and try something new, I see people doing it all the time, but not all might be as successful at it as you were this time.
The amount of detail on this is ridonculous. Great work on the lighting and the textures. Nice subtle perspective there with the building far back and up close, really feel the depth of the city.
Very well composed piece.

As for critique..First little thing i noticed is the building right upfront on the right, that's the closest to the viewer is a bit out of place. As in I suggest making it really detailed, and then blurring it with a gradient mask to create fake depth of field,almost like forced motion blur. And may be adding another building top somewhere towards the middle to the left to would dilute that blackness at the bottom of the drawing.

The other comment I have is there are few spots of black that seems out of place and more like fluke. One is on a trash-can-like bulding, in the middle of the composition, its 2 semi sharp lines.
And second is way on the left of the composition, to the left of another trash/thermos :pat: looking building
You might have to adjust your screen contrast to see those.

Great work nonetheless, I believe fixing those few things will improve this fantastic piece.
Keep at it mate, you should do more of these.

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Wow thanks mate! Very helpfull critique :)

I'll work on it next week as I am quite busy now but cheers!
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Ahh, this is sooo cool. I love the huge gears, and that little guy standing on top of one of the buildings :D
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hehe thanks ;)
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I think it's really good, definitely a nice app piece. ;)
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Thanks so much kire, I really hope to get in, after seeing the 'Steampunk' pack I got inspired even more!

Thanks again and maybe see you on S3 :o ;)
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Your in hands down :P
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haha thanks :)
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Thanks mate! GREAT vision!
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Great update, man. Huge improvement. Again, Good luck.
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I hope that it is enough :O

Thanks again :)
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