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smoke - illustrator brush pack

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UPDATED: ----------------------

Uploaded the wrong AI brush file the first time.

The new zip now contains an AI file compatible with Illustrator 9 - CS4

New brush set of smoke like brushes.

Good for backgrounds and things that smoke, steam, or mist.

If you play around with the opacity, and blend modes in Illustrator you can get some really nice effects (in my opinion)

My poll is still up as to the kinds of brushes you would like to see – your input is appreciated.

No rules for use as usual -- except please - don't repackage or try to sell them as your own...
They are watermarked –

Being Illustrator you are encouraged to edit, bend, change, and mutilate to your hearts content;
just have fun and make stuff.

1. Download -
2. Unzip to - Adobe Illustrator\Presets\Brushes
3. Draw circle or whavy type line
(squares and sharp angles may require a little extra work to get them to look right – see 5)
4. Apply bursh of choice
5. experiment with "opacity, blend modes, stroke" size, direction, color, etc...etc...

a fav – a link back to your work --or just a quick note - or emoticon (ha) – makes providing free stuff a lot more worthwhile --- Thanks

File contains:

used here:

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