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mycanthus symbol pack 1

This is my first time uploading a package to be used as Vector Symbols.

In Illustrator as brushes you can edit, how ever you like;----- but I am not sure how they will work as symbols – or even if the shapes are useful – too close together etc etc.

So some feed back will be helpful.

No rules for use as usual -- except please - don't repackage or try to sell them as your own...
They are watermarked -- (somewhere deep in the very structure of the vector itself)

A bunch of downloads is cool ------------- but ------------------ a fav – a link back to your work --
or just a quick note - or emoticon (ha) – makes providing free stuff a lot more worthwhile --- Thanks

File contains:
mycanthus contact page.pdf
mycanthus contact page.jpg
mycanthus contact page.png

Used here:

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Hermoso, estético y perfecto ♥

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I don't want to assume. :)  Can I use this for an ebook cover?
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Thank you for sharing!!!
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Awesome man!!! Thank you.

Used here ;)
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Haven't used them (yet) BUT, they are pretty awesome.  The circles I didn't care for, but the feathers are so yummy.  Yummy yummy yummy.
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cant wait to try these out
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How I can use on photoshop? :/
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Hey I really love these brushes but for some reason I cannot download them.
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Fantastic creation..................thanks
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Darn, I've been working on MY money in Photoshop... these are really sharp, super brush designs, though.
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your money is a cool design
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Thanks, I should finish them up (I was quite dismayed to see that Franklin is still in the darn circle, it made matting him in to my design difficult and ugly).
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I will definitly use this !!!! :D :D
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use them well
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Love these, thanks!
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