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cuda 08 tribute

I was thinking I hadn't done any thing technical in a while ------- but actually this is my 1st car in illustrator

my version of a cuda --- based on the 08 challenger
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as far as the art goes, this is pretty nice stuff ... but as far as the design, the wheels are out of place on this car and it should take more than a stripe to make it a Cuda, especially since that hood is supposed to look like the RT hood from the original Challengers and the Cuda never had anything like that. anyway, just my .02
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';preciate ya taking time to drop some input --
at first I thought you meant the wheels were in the wrong position (which I wouldn't doubt either -- lol) --
but now I get what your sayin' --

I wasn't really trying' to nail a 100% vintage accuracy -- since the original Cuda was a Plymouth model and the Challenger is Dodge --- Since it's probably doubtful Plymouth is coming out with an actual 08' Cuda' -- I was just imagining how a new 08' Challenger might be customized to pay homage to its killer cousin --

I though I would try some hood and grill variations later --- sides there are a bunch of 08's on DA already -- and I wanted to put my own stamp on it

Since this was the first car I've done in quite a while - and my first using Illy -- this was more of a technical exercise - to get the 'mechanics' down (no pun intended) -- since I've been focusing on portraits mostly

Just trying new things --

Your gallery is top notch by th' way -- I'll be looking to you and the rest of DA for further inspiration
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that's cool and you're right about there being a million of em already and they're all orange with black stripes so it's cool to see something different ... that's what made me click in the first place.
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sorry about th' freaky icons -- I ain't figured out how those things work yet -- sigh