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I know there’s not many people doing a lot of tech art now days – but I wanted to do a kind of sequel to my technix pack – so here it is. (Actually I got a little carried away and made over 100 – but I got lazy making the contact page – so here’s the top 50).

I also added .svg to the file mix this time.

No rules for use as usual -- except please - don't repackage or try to sell them as your own...
They are watermarked –

Being Illustrator you are encouraged to edit, bend, change, and mutilate to your hearts content;
just have fun and make stuff.

1. Download -
2. Unzip to - Adobe Illustrator\Presets\Brushes
3. Draw circle or whavy type line
(squares and sharp angles may require a little extra work to get them to look right – see 5)
4. Apply bursh of choice
5. experiment with "stroke" size, direction, color, etc...etc...

A bunch of downloads is cool ------------- but ------------------ a fav – a link back to your work --
or just a quick note - or emoticon (ha) – makes providing free stuff a lot more worthwhile --- Thanks

File contains:

Used here

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Thanks, nice brushes. May come in useful or just inspirational.

Thanks !
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Looks so cool! :D
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wow! <3
Thank u so much!
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Very impressive brush set.
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These saved my bacon for a scifi-themed wedding invitation. Thanks!
Brother YOu are a blessing!  _/\_
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fantastically amazing... keep it up..
fantastic, thank you!
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THESE ARE OUTSTANDING! Yaaaaaaaay my schoolwork is saved by epic brush sets. :D Thank you kindly.
Cool Brushes!!! Thanks!
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I actually did end up using one of these for my most recent project.…
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If I had money, I would donate.  Or, I would commission a brush.
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Very cool tech brushes!
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These are amazing! You have done great work with these brushes, when I use them (and I will use them) I will definitely link to your page, and STRONGLY urge people to donate!
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This is gorgeous!
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does this have the photoshop brush file as well because I don't use illustrator and they look pretty cool and i'm needing brushes like these 
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amazing! thanks for sharing
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