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Technix v.2

By r2010
As a result of my months old poll – I have made a new set of tech brushes.

No rules for use as usual -- except please - don't repackage or try to sell them as your own...
They are watermarked –

Being Illustrator you are encouraged to edit, bend, change, and mutilate to your hearts content;
just have fun and make stuff.

1. Download -
2. Unzip to - Adobe Illustrator\Presets\Brushes
3. Draw circle or whavy type line
(squares and sharp angles may require a little extra work to get them to look right )
4. Apply bursh of choice
5. experiment with "opacity, blend modes, stroke" size, direction, color, etc...etc...

a fav –--or just a quick note - or emoticon (ha) – makes providing free stuff a lot more worthwhile

Also link showing how you have used them (if you use them) -- would help me come up with some new ideas as to what types of burshes or other resources would be useful to the community. (see new poll)

--- Thanks

File contains:
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Just what I needed. Thanks!

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i want to try it...thanks

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Turns out these make pretty damn good abstracted "fat brushstroke" brushes. See?

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Oh damn, these are so elegant and fabulous in their simplicity AND complexity... Man, you're a wizard!
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Killer, thank you!
Awesome brush set! Used it here [link]
I am a vehicle wrap graphic designer in Phoenix and I use many of your brush sets on the custom jobs I get. These are time savers and always provide unlimited inspiration and ideas.
Thank you very much.:#1:
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Great thing. I will send you the link as soon as I'm finished using your brushes in my upcoming Rainmeter Suite. credits will be obviously be given to you.

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This has been featured in the article Exploring Stock and Resources: Application Resources

Keep up the good work :dalove:
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much appreciated
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nice! very useful for fast sketches. Thank you!
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awesome, thanks
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mate just down loaded your wood cut, and two techno brush sets that i could find. they look incedible, like really good lol. keep up the good work, and its amazing how you just give them away, such a relief not to have to worry about using them in the wrong way or violating some restriction. very generious of you. keep up the good work, really amazing stuff.
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