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OmgOmgOmg - Emote

Edit - 17 November 2013:

Thank you all so much for my most used emoticon!!! :thanks: :heart: :love:


Long time since i made an emote! :)

So here it is!

It's all like "...oh my god oh my god oh my god!..." :P

Hope you like it!

Feel free to use!

PLZ Account:
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Whenever I see yaoi,yuri,and sexy pictures. X3
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it's like a squee :squee:
Only not as hyper OmgOmgOmg - Emote by r0se-designs
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hahahahah cool XD !!!
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OmgOmgOmg - Emote I get like this all the time. Just randomly, something will excite me so much that it's better than anything else in the world, and even though I'm in public and people are watching, I can't help but to break out into a really hyper shiver OmgOmgOmg - Emote  that can last anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. This is the emoticon version of that inexplicable feeling.OmgOmgOmg - Emote
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it doesn't work for me :( i only get the eek and the rest of the word but not the cute emote
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click add media silly
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Hehe :) I never really got the hang if those things xD
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super cure emote 8D.....I need to stop acting like a 12 year old -_-'
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i dont care if you being 12
RoxasPikachu's avatar
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That's adorable! The changing facial expressions are so cute and nicely animated! :D :iconomgomgemoteplz:
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OMG, it's so cute!
I love it! :aww:
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YESH!!!! It's a plz account! :iconomgomgemoteplz:
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