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:iconr0butt:R0BUTT posted a status
Sorry you guys that I'm not posting much... school is really kicking my butt!...
I also want to say sorry cause I often feel like I'm monotone in my responses to you guys! I write "thank you" so many times a day!! But I sincerely mean it!!! I am so incredibly thankful that you guys stick around and comment on my stuff and let me know you like what I do!! It makes me so happy, and it's hard for me to convey that happiness n thankfulness in words!! 
Just know that even if i come off as repetitive, that I truly mean it!<333

Devious Comments

Nolwe-chan Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It´s alright, honey! We love you no matter how busy you are! And I´m sure most people understand that your real life is more important than writing super long responses. <3
Spirutts Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Student Digital Artist
its ok your health comes first!! i hope its fairly enjoyable tho do your best ; v ;
and i feel you my comments are always the same but its well meant keep up the good work and take care!
Senkimii Featured By Owner Edited Jan 31, 2018  Student Digital Artist
It's okay!! Everyone has something occupying their lives and we understand that school can be really, really tough!! I hope you do your best and all the school stuff slows down soon so you can relax though!!!

And thank you for writing this out to us and thanking us!! You're a wondeful artist and you deserve the praise you receive!!cat blow kiss emoji cat blow kiss emoji cat blow kiss emoji 
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