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:iconr0butt:R0BUTT posted a status
im so angery... my best friend makes the prettiest coolest art ever and makes the best fkn characters n designs but SHE DUN UPLOAD THEM ANYWHERE!!!!! THEYRE SO GOOD I WISH SHE WOULD POST THEM,,, I love her art so much
I'm super happy that she send her art to me cause god....them characters and arts makes me gay!!!!!! N i wish yall coulda seen it T___T<//3 I know you guys would seriously love her art im cry, she deserves better 

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NyxRei Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
I have also a friend who is a way better artist than I am, but she doesn't post anything. People would love her art, but I guess it's just not her thing. She's not really shy in that matter, but doesn't want to bother with it? 
NineLimits Featured By Owner Edited Jan 8, 2018
I sort of understand them... I have been sharing my art online ever since high school, but there have been many times where I just wanted to disappear and never be seen again. (Actually I have done that) I often dislike my art after posting it, but then I look at others older art, and it makes me happy to be posting my art online. Not only will it be an easy way to look back at how I have improved, but it also will motivate other artists. Even if it's just one person, that would be amazing!
Spirutts Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Student Digital Artist
aaa its so frustrating when friends do that ;; o ;; GET IT OUT OF HER IM READY TO SEE IT
Sparklingowlicorn Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018
It's hard to get started somewhere, I still let no one see my drawings irl, only one irl friend knows my tumblr and DA, and I just made 'em outta fun
(just when I'm so happy with the drawing or it's just a 5 minute shitepost I'm sometimes comfortable to share it with other people)

Maybe you could post something in their place on here for example, so if they get recognition they might get some self esteem out of that?
R0BUTT Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Student Digital Artist
SHE'S JUST SHY!!! And I think she dislikes her art after a few hours and wish she didnt even send them to me but theyre genuinely just so good ::CCC so I don't think she'd like that lhjkgjfhdgjhkjl
Ndzoodzoo Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That’s so sad. ;-; I hope she can start to appreciate her artwork more some day. Maybe having an account would encourage her if she started getting good feedback. Idk. Maybe you could suggest the idea to her and tell her if she ever feels okay with the idea to get back to you. But don’t push her to do it, just offer.
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