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:iconr0butt:R0BUTT posted a status
Art school I wanna go to: The information about applying to the school will be out in January 2018! C: 
Me, refreshing the page for the 200ndred time since January 1st 00:01: b-blease,,, tell me,,, what tto do,,, giv mee the w is s do m,,,, b LEA SE 

Devious Comments

andyartsies Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
good luck with paying the tuition (because art school is expensive ;3; )
Star-Waves Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good luck applying! ^^
Xemerani Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
....i am so sorry- schools are all about that anxiety huh

Nice to know that you plan on going to art school though!!! I hope they post the info soon;;;;
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