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:iconr0butt:R0BUTT posted a status
Through speaking with a lot of you guys, I'm thinking maybe I should make a tutorial of some sort?? Color theory is hard and I understand that, so I'll see if I can make smthn that'll make it easier!!
Something that really bugs me when I commission my characters with black hair is that people give them extremely saturated dark red hair instead of black?? Idk it happens SOOOO often, even when it's just a dark brown it's SUPER DUPER red?? No offence if you've done this before when I've commissioned you, but I'm just so surprised? Is drawing black hair really that hard? ; o ; 

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NineLimits Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017
Cool idea! Every perspective can bring new thoughts to the table, I look forward to seeing!
Lady-BeIIa Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I'd love to see this!
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