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:iconr0butt:R0BUTT posted a status

Time is running low, and we only have a couple more chances to save net neutrality. Never have (I) seen the FCC get this close to killing net neutrality before. Ajit Pai is a piece of shit, we can agree on this. 

If you dont know what NN is please look it up. I dont have the time to explain to you what it is- not to be rude though. I just really dont.……

The killing of NN can change the way the internet is forever, unless we take a stand. This is a one time thing that I'll actually get involved in something, since I'm really passionate about it. If you love deviantART or any other social media website, please help us and yourself.…


ALSO do NOT be a jerk when calling or contacting Congress.…

It is said that we are losing NN tomorrow. (12/14/2017)
We cant let this happen. 

Can we, for once, together as a family, lock arms and help fight?

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