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:iconr0butt:R0BUTT posted a status
Normal scenario: Mom, dad, a friend is coming over jsyk
My parents: omg its so messy here!!! We have to clean!!!
Me: PSHH no one cares about that, dont worry!!!

Me now, when my parents are out of the house for a week and im gonna have guests over: Omg its so messy here!!! I have to clean!!! What will they think of me!!! //STAYS UP RLY LATE TO CLEAN THE WHOLE HOUSE

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SweetieBatch Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017
Maturity +1
FandomFreakMRC Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Lmao 😂 pretty accurate though.
Sparklingowlicorn Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017
I thought I was the only one! I also have always the feeling when my parents are away that the apartment looks way more messy as when they're there xDD
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