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I have decided to open Commissions, and I will start with making these types of  nature deers!

Deer Poops by R0BUTT
(These are only examples, they are not for sale)


Each deer will be 800 points, no matter how long it takes to make or what details it will have.
I won't start drawing until you have sent the payment. I don't want to risk art theft!

What i wont do

-I won't make a background for this, it will only be the deer itself. You can decide what color you want in the background though! 
If you really really want a background, I will raise the price, based on what background you want to be drawn.

What you have to do

Send me a note!

In this note, you have to tell me what you want specifically. What flower, plant, or other thing you want your deer to be based of! Be creative! Feel free to add links to specific pictures! 
If you want any specific details in the picture, please let me know!
I will answer your note as soon as possible!
:heart: revamp by Jeriko-X

When I have accepted, please send the points to me! I wont want to show you the art unless you have sent the payment, this is only because I don't want to risk art theft!
When you have sent the payment, I will begin drawing! I can show you from the very start, what colors I will use and where i will draw the details, etc etc, and let you decide exactly how you want it!

When both you and I are pleased, I will send you the full sized picture! 
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If you plan on re-selling it, there's no need to let me know! 
If you plan on making a gift for someone for a birthday or a holiday, let me know in the note! And let me know at least 2 weeks before, so I have time to finish it in time!
I would love if you let people know about this, and spread the word!
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Submitted on
January 14, 2016
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