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Tue Aug 1, 2017, 8:27 AM

Hii so Im gonna try this custom thing!!

I don't have a good base for human designs right now, so right now I can only offer feral designs! 
This is kiindaaaa just a test so u_o idk how it's gonna go lhjkgj

I'll use the same base as these two designs I've already made!
02 by R0BUTT       01 by R0BUTT

So this is how I imagine this will work best for me...!

Give me a description of what you'd like! What would work best for me would be if you gave me a palette, a theme, or some inspiration picture, or all !! And let me know any specific things you want me to include, such as hair, wings, patterns, or other stuff idk kjhgj, so that I can get a basic idea of what you'd like! 

This is just a test round, soooo.... ima make it cheap, cuz idk how well I can deliver u_u 

600Pink Points / $6 

I'll only take ONE for now...! Not first come first serve! 

Comment with this thing!

Palette: { either some color splatches, or a photograph of smthn random works too! }
Theme: { you can be vague or specific!! Ex like, Nature, or this specific sock! }
Picture board: { Pinterest is a great site for this! or you can make a stash file! } 
Other: { Something you WANT to have in the design? Or something you'd rather NOT have? A long tail? Horns? Xstra fluffy?? ANYTHIN!! }

At least TWO of the first 3 fields have to be included!! The ◊ Other field is mandatory!! So 3 fields in total please!

SO YEAH LIKE I SAID, NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!! I want to start this out with something where I can feel more secure, so it depends on what people want!! :'0 thank u so much for understanding!<333

Skin by SimplySilent
Stagiselle Featured By Owner Edited Aug 1, 2017
◊ Palette: (choice between any)
◊ Theme: Soft nature
◊ Picture board:
◊ Other: cute lil horns like the second design! no head fluff/hair, but a similar perky tail to the second design, and fluffy tufts around body. also shy/demure expression like second too! (i'm basically super in love with that design omf) if i get chosen i plan to have him as a companion for my druid girl oc who has nature powers (more specifically around meadows/grasslands but other nature powers too)
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Submitted on
August 1, 2017