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The raffle is closed!!! I'll announce the winners in a heartbeat!


You're all crazy omggg,,
I'll add anotha small prize,, thank u guys so muchpink heart bulletpink heart bulletUr all crazy LMAOpink heart bulletpink heart bullet

---------------cherry blossom---------------

OKokok I just wanna start off with saying, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!pink heart bulletpink heart bulletpink heart bullet

I really appreciate every single one of you, I love reading your comments and I've made so many friends here during my time on DeviantART! It makes me truly happy that you guys wanna stick aroundpink heart bullet Every fav, comment and watch makes me feel so appreciated, and like all the hard work is worth it in the endpink heart bullet I wouldn't be doing this without you guys supportpink heart bullet 

---------------cherry blossom---------------

Even tho I'm short on time (regardless of my summer break, idek how I can still be so busy) I'm going to hold a raffle to celebrate my 300+ watchers!! 

Click the pictures for better resolution! Consider that some of these drawings are a month or more old, while some are drawn very recently!

What you can win in the raffle is: 

1st prize

I'll draw you anything within my power that you want, and 500Pink Points!

(that isn't hurtful ofc)
That includes everything from a digital painting, to a sketch! It can be fullbody or a pixel, a headshot, you name it! You decide completely!pink heart bullet
Some examples of my art!
Breathe again by R0BUTTForest of Light by R0BUTT
Roses by R0BUTTKeep quiet { speedpaint } by R0BUTTRegrow by R0BUTT
Above The Mire - Rune and Astes by R0BUTT

---------------cherry blossom---------------

2nd prize

I'll draw you anything you want, and 300Pink Points!

(that isn't hurtful ofc)
Probably won't be as advanced as the first prize, but feel free to still decide what you want, a fullbody, halfbody, painting, pixel etc!pink heart bullet
Some examples of my art! Look above as well!
After Rain... by R0BUTTGalaxy Thing by R0BUTTYou { speedpaint } by R0BUTT

---------------cherry blossom---------------

3rd prize

I'll draw you a sketch/simple drawing, and 150Pink Points!

(still nothing hurtful, ok!)
You're still free to decide what you want completely, but it will be a more simple drawing!pink heart bullet
Some examples of my art!
Morning sun by R0BUTTNatasha by R0BUTTManu is in da house by R0BUTTExcited smols by R0BUTT

---------------cherry blossom---------------

4rd prize??

I'll draw you a sketch/simple waist up-drawing, and 150Pink Points!

(still nothing hurtful, ok!)
I'll add another sketch prize cause omg, 400 watchers now??? ur crazy!!!
Some examples of my art ABOVE!

---------------cherry blossom---------------


To enter the raffle, you must do this:

Arrow left Be a follower of mine, since this raffle is for them!
(It's ok to follow now ofc, but please don't do it just because of free art!)

Arrow left Comment down below (with link to the post where u shared this, if you did that), and have "Wicked game" written somewhere in your comment!

Arrow left You don't have to do this, but Share this journal on DeviantART! That is, linking this journal through a poll or a journal!
^This will give you an extra slot!^

---------------cherry blossom---------------

pink heart bulletThat's all you have to do! Then you're in the raffle!pink heart bullet

It will end in 12 days from now, 27/6 !!

Thank you guys once more for being here, your support and sweet comments and favorites are all so appreciated by me, you're seriously the best

pink heart bulletpink heart bulletpink heart bullet

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June 16, 2016


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