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Arrow leftIf you're interested in an art trade with me, please read this journal through-fully!

I'll be open for art trades for a while! But I want it to be under some conditions, and I won't do too many I think!!

Arrow leftIf you want to see some of my art, you can go to MY GALLERY

Arrow leftRules n stuff

1. I'll start on my part when your'e finished (but I'm likely to start ahead of time...)
2. If your art doesn't have very much effort to it, my art won't either. 
3. I don't have to accept everything offered!!! Please don't be sad or angry if I don't pick you.. Q_Q
(if we are friends, I am very likely to do an art trade with u ;;♥)
4. Don't feel like you have to rush!! Take your time ok?


What u want me to draw: Ref and description of characters! Link me your stuff! 

HOW do you want me to draw it?
 Tell me what you want the piece to look like! Give examples from my gallery if you'd like! Tell me if you want a halfbody, fullbody, just a headshot, painted or sketchy etc etc, you name it!! Spam me with some info mmkay? If you're unsure if I can draw the thing you want, just ask me! I won't bite you♥

What you can offer me: It doesn't have to be the same of what U want me to draw! But link me examples of what ur art would look like and so on! Preferably specifically!

What you PREFER to draw: If you like to draw a specific gender, humans or animals, colorful or monotone, couples or single character, backgrounds or items or nature etc etc! Tell me all about it! It will help me pick a character for u to draw!♥ Feel free to let me know about the thing's you're NOT good at drawing too! It makes everything easier!♥

Arrow left If you want to know what I like to draw, then here goes a little list!!

 Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Any gender, colorful stuff as well as monotone things!!!   
   Preferably only one character, but I CAN draw many! But like, max 2 omg...
   I like to draw hair and nature, and I don't have a problem with backgrounds! I'm kind of ok with mecha too, but not too heavy!
   I like to draw blood and stuff! 
   Humans and Animals r both ok! Some animals are ok, but some are hard for me to draw. Ask me about it! 
   I'm also better at halfbodies than fullbodies omg... 
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Buildings, too sexual things, over the top complicated poses!
   I cannot draw heavy gore, it freaks me out!
   Kissing. I don't have the time for that omg... 

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CuteLilPlum Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
What u want me to draw:……
Can you draw my two baby together as a lovey dovey type
What you can offer me: full body or chibi you can choose whichever you want
What you PREFER to draw: human n any genders lol
russian-dream Featured By Owner Edited Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aa I'd like to do an art trade--

What u want me to draw: Dreamer
HOW do you want me to draw it?: Maybe something like this...?
What you can offer me: only Fullbodies (please tell me if you'd like the lineart to be colored or not!)
What you PREFER to draw: Only animals and some original species please ahh

Sorry I'm not offering much ah...I tend to be busy and without inspiration and I don't want to disappoint you or anything ^^;
Chica-kamikaze Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well...I dont lose anything if i only try ^^ (I LOVE YOUR DTYLE TTwTT) Thank for oportunitty <3

What u want me to draw: (My Oc Cherry <3)…

HOW do you want me to draw it?: (If you can in this style i love you al my life)… [Half body or full body, whtever you want <3]

What you can offer me: Chibi (Traditional) Half body Anime (Traditional too) Or Icons like mine or others in my gallery ^^

What you PREFER to draw: Everything except bloody things are good for me ^^ Boys or girls (only one character). But i have a fetiche with Fantasy. [Im absoluttly negade for ecchi, gore, horror or very detsiled thigs]
KuroDK Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will try:

What u want me to draw: Halloween Outfit Desing
HOW do you want me to draw it? Fkn Rainbow Girlfriends [Halfbody; I love this style of painting]
What you can offer me: Art Trades Batch 01 [Same too]
What you PREFER to draw: My gallery is based almost in humans or humanoids, almost no animals will not give me good ... ^^;

Thanks for the opportunitty. :heart:
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