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Crazy uncle Tim by R0BUTT Crazy uncle Tim by R0BUTT
Lemme introduce you to Tim, your average old alcoholic who talks to himself (?) and crash family gatherings he wasn't invited to 

asfdgfhgjhkjlk he is Cas half-uncle! Cas mom Jenny is Tim's half sister, and they have a lot of rivalry between each other, going back to when they were young. Tim was always less successful and more of a black sheep compared to Jenny, who was successful and clearly favored above Tim. Tim was angry, prone to activities like smoking and drinking and ditching school, and had a distaste for Jenny for doing better than him. Jenny, in return, didn't like Tim very much and avoided him, though they fought a lot regardless of her efforts. 

Tim still show up to family gatherings (which are a regular thing in their family) and Tim is more often than not uninvited, though somehow he seem to know when and where a gathering is happening, and always shows up. He don't disturb much, except for taking way too much food, hogging drinks, and muttering in a distant corner, uninterested in his surroundings. He does in fact hate being there (he is vocal about it, he knows no one of them want him there) but he attend for the food, really. 

Though, he grows a soft spot for Cas, Jennys son, because he too seem to hate these gatherings (though he is forced to go, in contrast.) Tim talk to him a lot, to Jennys disapproval, but Cas does whatever he want it appears. Tim is one of those influences that has formed a lot of Cas personality, not all negatively as one would assume. Thanks to Tim, Cas becomes more vocal and expressive, especially when it comes to things he disapprove of, and develops a rather sassy tone towards his surroundings, gaining him some confidence. (Though Tim also offer little Cas alcohol, and teaches him bad words.) 

SO HERE'S CRAZY UNCLE TIM who nobody likes except Cas (and my best friend, who thirst over him like crazy hjkgjfhjhkjl)

I figured I should talk more about my ocs so !!!!!!!!! YAY
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R0BUTT Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Student Digital Artist
dgfhgjhkjl I think the opposite, but thanks!!!
R0BUTT Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thank you!!~
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