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Batman and Wonder Woman

By R-Valle
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This was a commission I did recently.

Wacom Intuos3
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So beautiful. On the DC fan fiction site I write for, we're going to be launching a Batman / Wonder Woman title that will feature their romantic escapades, and I've love to get your permission to use your art as covers? We'd of course credit you and link back to your dA! Let me know if that would be cool?
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Sure, go ahead. Thanks for asking.
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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!
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Cute . I know most people ship               Wonder Woman with Superman but I ship her with Batman .
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I ship her with Sheena!
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Love it! Very nice work.
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Love! Love! Love! How can I get a copy of this?
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Can this be purchased?
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she's got her tiara off, she'd paralyze him faster than bane did
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 Batman has come home from work to save Gothem and this is how Diana says good work

Bruce say now i heve you me bab

this is for you save Gothem city time to heve fun my love Heart Heart

beautiful job i love it
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You're talented!!! :D
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Magic good with the commission ;P
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So good one of my fav pairings :)
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Oh my God this is beautiful artwork! This is what I call a masterpiece!
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I love the rugged texturing of Batman's outfit next to Diana's soft colored skin toning. Love the romantic mood and lighting effect. Your shading detail is perfectly done to help the lighting have a glow effect. Her pupils seem to be looking down at Bruce, but with her eye width, it appears she is looking behind him as well.
Nicely done:love:
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Oh my god, yes!
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I like this. Also, everyone else has pretty much said what I wanted to say about this pic.
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