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Commission Price Index(CPI)

By r-u-d-e
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** Please note I am no longer operating under these prices. Please check my current commission information by clicking here: Pay What You Want Commissions --

Current in-progress commissions are locked in at the price that was discussed when the order was placed.

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Hiya! I really wanna commission you for my male OCs. Are you open? ♥
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Hi! Yes i am open for commissions! Please note me and we can discuss your commission further

In the note please include what type of commission you're looking for (sketch, waist up, full body, colored, etc etc...) and any/all information you think will be relevant as the more information you provide the better the product will be o v o)/!
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Do you have any idea how insanely underpriced your full body full colored commissions are? O_____O You should totally charge more for that!
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Hmm you're like the 3rd or 4th person to tell me that my commissions are underpriced(in one category or another)

How much do you think I should charge for them? I kept my prices cheap to make them more available for people but now I'm second-guessing myself lol
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hmm, maybe I should do the prices so if I work for part of an hour more(like where as now I charge per hour and round down a little)?

Things would prob increase by $10 each though if I did that ; v ;) I don't want to bankrupt people lmfao
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Hourly rates are better for when you're working with companies, that's my view and experience of it. 
For work with other people it's better to have set rates, that's what I'd say ^^ 
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just wanted to say thank you for suggesting i raise my prices. After my first commission I'm considering raising my prices(for my painted stuff mostly) just because it takes me much longer to do. I think I'll start timing myself and then go from there. Its just such a pain to time myself lol.
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:) You should time yourself the first few times and then calculate a price from there perhaps :) That will probably help you figure out a good price ^^ 
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I agree with Luna-JMS 
the fullbody pictures should go for sth like $45-$100
-depending on how long it takes you to draw the commission
-the amount of characters in the commission
-the complexity of the background(s)
-the complexity of the character(s) itself/themselves
-and the time it takes u to colour eveything!
These are the things that most people would use to price the commissions they have higher
your artwork should be worth more if it's fullbody
the rest is fine...but I still think your fullbody's are underpriced uvu'
did I mention that some people take weeks/months to draw a commission???
so those type of people charge by the day/month it takes them to finish it....but it's rare that you see that no a-days ^^'
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I definitely agree with both of you now that I've gotten a few commissions. I think I'll be making some changes to how I work as I go along, refining more and more as I see fit. Though, I really would like to keep my prices affordable. I really like drawing for people and I'm afraid that I would be losing some potential customers if my prices were too high. 
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I'm glad u agree with me xD
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Likewise XDDD 
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i've seen tons of awesome artist underprice their work uvu'
and tons of artist (that aren't as good yet) overprice
then there's some people that don't do commissions at all |D
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Stella-AkiraTH's avatar
aaaaaand here
go commission dis person!
I advertised ur commissions for u uvu'
hope u didn't mind that!
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