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Mr. Stone 2020

Meet Mr. Stone, the entrepreneur from beyond the stars, with a desire to own everything the universe has to offer. He's a ruthless business man who's gained a villainous reputation by taking over various kinds of other businesses throughout the galaxy. Commanding a fearsome presence to all who meet him, Mr. Stone will stop at nothing until he's acquired everything in the known universe ! He's currently residing in Tokatto City, where he has been defeated by Gyute and Shyute, and has now opened his new casino in hopes of gaining back his lost wealth.

Name: Preston Stone
Nicknames: "Mr. Stone"
Age: 33
Birthday: August 17th
Species: Crystalen (Crystal-Like Aliens)
Classification: XTR
Height: 6'3
Weight: 328 lbs
Gender: Male

Occupation: Entrepreneur, CEO, Con-Artist, Super Villain, Casino Owner.

Likes: Money, Power, Gambling, Overpowering others, Cigars.

Dislikes: Gyute, Shyute, Lord Bacon, D.Monica, Alexis Crimson, Being defeated by those he deems weaker than himself, Losing Money, His Defect, His body becoming cracked.

Fears/Phobias: Stone isn't afraid of much, but has recently gained a fear of heights due to his accident. His only other issue is with losing a large portion of his control over the many businesses he'd taken over due to his brief disappearance, as well as his wealth taking a massive blow.

Strengths: Stone is both highly intelligent and physically strong. He commands an intimidating presence over his subordinates, and is not to be toyed with. His wealth allows him to afford many things still, despite losing much of it. (He's got off-world banks keeping some of his money safe and sound.)

Weaknesses: While he's normally very calm and collected, Stone's defect causes him to burst into an uncontrollable rage whenever he's angered, even if it's by the slightest thing. While in this state, his body cracks in several places, and he cannot be reasoned with. He's incredibly strong in this state, but throws some intelligence out the window because of it, causing him to be more reckless than he'd normally be. 

- Gyute and Shyute: Stone sees these two as a threat to his plans, and has much disdain for the both of them. He struggles to remain calm around them.

- Lord Bacon: While he hasn't had many interactions with him, Stone greatly dislikes Lord Bacon's methods of villainy. They have very different philosophies when it comes to what they do. 

- D. Monica: Since she's stolen from Stone on a few occasions, he considers her an enemy as well. She's been able to disguise herself and sneak into his new casino undetected however.

- Alexis Crimson: Once his old flame and secretary, Alexis left his employ unexpectedly and bought a failing Mining Corporation, flipping it into a wildly successful business that rivals Stone's own businesses. Ever since, the two have been bitter rivals.

Interesting Facts:

- Mr. Stone's first name is "Preston". This is kind of a pun as well, in that his name kind of sounds like "pressed in" Stone. A small reference to his body being crystalline, or almost diamond-like. He tells anyone under him never to address him by his first name however.

- The Crystallen species was actually inspired by a crystal-like alien from a single episode of Invader Zim (Hobo 13), in which a feminine crystal alien was shown. I loved her design, and it inspired me to create a full species from that design, with some significant tweaks. 



Mr. Stone is © Ryan C. Efantes, 2015 - 2020
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This guy seems like a jerk.  Also, he can probably get away with smoking because he doesn't have squishy meaty innards.
R-Toonz's avatar
Can be. And prettymuch, yeah.
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Does he ever brag about his lack of lung cancer?
R-Toonz's avatar
Nah. He has no lungs to speak of, so nothing there to really brag about.
D-Prototype's avatar
But he's got lungs of stone.
R-Toonz's avatar
His species (Crystallen) are literally crystal aliens. They can speak and all that, and do have hearts, among other organs, but I've never really given thought to lungs for them. I mean they're humanoid, but aren't exactly like humans either so it's difficult to tell exactly what their internal body structure would look like compared to ours. 

Never really gave that any thought until now.
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I see. Glad I was able to help you out, in that case.
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Some day I'll come up with an exact physiology for every character, including their insides, since they aren't all similar.
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