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Mina 2020

Introducing my first new character of 2020, Mina ! 

Meet Mina, a big, fluffy, and curvaceous moth girl. Raised by her father, whom with she always deeply despised for the way he treated her all throughout her life, Mina was born with a rare case of gigantism. She was always bigger than her siblings, and thus ate more as well. Because of this condition, Mina's mother didn't survive the birth, which caused her siblings and father to always resent her. Their cruelty knew no bounds, as she was forced to eat dinner outside, in the cold, and would sleep outside too... Her siblings would pick on her daily, and beat her up, treating her like she didn't belong because of her size. Once she was of age, she left without saying goodbye, hoping to find a place that wouldn't judge her, and hoped to meet people who wouldn't be so unkind. She eventually got a dull office job in Tokatto City, and became quick friend with a fellow larger woman there. From there, an idea was formed to create a plus-size clothing outlet. The two pooled their funds together over the next several years and purchased an old apartment building that they soon remodeled into their dream store. But, this dream wouldn't last for one of them, as Mina's friend soon met her end. She lost a battle with an incurable disease, and left the new store to Mina as a way of keeping their dream alive even after her passing. Mina accepted, and thus the "Moth Silk Clothing Company" was born. Mina has been running it ever since, and has made a name for herself in the process. She gets old clothes donated to her, and repurposes them into something new, making sure not even the tiniest scrap of cloth ever gets wasted. 

Name: Mina
Nicknames: "Big Moth Girl"
Age: 29
Birthday: February 5th
Species: Large Tolype Moth
Classification: Hybrid
Height: 8'4 ft
Weight: 398 lbs
Gender: Female

Occupation: Plus-Size clothing store owner.

Likes: Lamps, Warm Places, Making Clothing, Kind People, White Lapin.

Dislikes: Rain, Snow, Cold Weather, Her Family, Mean/Rude People.

Fears/Phobias: Mina isn't particularly afraid of much, but she does occasionally suffer from flashbacks of her home life, which can cause her to wake up abruptly.

Strengths: Mina is in no way a pushover. While normally preferring to avoid conflict, she's not a coward by any means, and will actively protect those around her if she thinks she can handle the current situation. 

Weaknesses: Mina is quite a large lass, and thus struggles to fit in chairs, or even through doorways sometimes ! Her hips are quite wide, so regular sized furniture or places are ill suited to someone of her stature. 

Interesting Facts:

- Mina is currently in an rp with Kenexandrite's White Lapin, and they're in a relationship. Two fluffy things together, essentially.

- Mina has had three designs. The one above, (her final design), an older version where she had a slightly different look and was less defined/fluffy, and a third version where I tried to give her hair, which just did not work... The first design was already solid, but I knew I had to update her. The version above is the end result. 

- Since she had a prior design, this also means she had a different Birthday (Which I base off the day I draw the character). Mina's original design had a Birthday of July 21st, but I decided since the above version is intended to be her final design, that her proper Birthday should be February 5th instead. 

- Mina's hashtags spell out "big titty moth gf" as a reference to the whole "big titty goth gf" thing. Ironically, Mina's chest is on the smaller side, while her hips are prettymuch the widest of all my current female characters.

- Mina shares her interest is making clothes with Leilah. Leilah actually knows of Mina, and while she appreciates Mina's idea of re-using old clothes, she disagrees with her methods. Leilah hand makes everything with her own silk, while Mina uses industrial sized sewing machines. Leilah sees this as a sort of cop out, believing Mina is only in it for profit, even though the two are very much alike in terms of general practice and beliefs regarding their craft.

- Like with many (probably all) of my insect or plant characters, Mina is based off a real world creature as well. The Large Tolype Moth. Their caterpillars are known for leaving huge webs of silk draped on plants apparently, and as moths, they're extremely fluffy. More about them can be found here: www.butterflyidentification.or…


Coming Eventually !

Mina is © Ryan C. Efantes, 2019-2020
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Watch out for the lights on the street
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Lol. With how huge and heavy she is, she's probably bend the lamppost by accident.