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Maria 2016

Meet Maria, Biscotti's younger cousin. She used to live in Tokatto City well before her cousin moved there, but due to a falling out with Coquette and earning a scholarship to go to a prestigious academy elsewhere, she moved and hadn't been heard from since. Now she's gotten a job with her long time friend, Skip, who she works with at a Prosthetic development company as one of the mechanics. She's come back to the city to open up shop and pay her cousin a visit. She's not aware just yet that her former best friend is in a romantic relationship with Biscotti however, meaning things are bound to go down once she finds out...

Age: 28
Birthday: July 12th
Species: Rabbit
Classification: Anthro
Height: 5'5
Weight: 142lbs
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight 

Occupation: Robotics Engineer, Mechanic

Likes: Robots, Video Games, Pocki, Computers, Sushi, Anime, Manga

Dislikes: Coquette's Relationship with Biscotti

Fears/Phobias: Unknown.

Strengths: Maria is very smart, and is skilled with all things mechanical. She's also a voracious eater, and doesn't get tired easily. Other than her smarts, she's pretty normal. Besides the robotic arm of course.

Weaknesses: Maria's got some bad habits such as staying up late at night, and not eating healthy foods. She's more or less one of the most normal individuals you could meet.

Relationships: Maria is Biscotti's younger cousin.
She is also the former best friend of Coquette.

Interesting Facts:
- Maria was created back in 2008, and was quite different. She used to have a very shy personality, and was a nerdy girl. Now, for 2016, she's still her nerdy self, but has become more tomboyish and is barely shy anymore. The shy side of her went into the personality for her cousin, Biscotti as I felt she better fit the role for a shy character.

- Maria's clothing has also changed. Originally, she used to wear a green sweater and blue jeans. The green sweater is now Biscotti's signature clothing. Maria's new clothing is focused on her new, tomboyish personality. She now wears an army green tanktop, and long, baggy pants. 

- As of 2015, Maria now has a gear Tattoo on her right side. She never had this prior, though even if she did it would have been impossible to see.

- As of 2015, Maria has lost her right arm. It has been replaced with a robotic prosthetic arm due to a brutal accident that ripped her arm clear off ! She has been very cautious ever since the accident about where she places her hands. 

- Maria's height has changed as of 11/18/2015.

Maria was born and raised in Tokatto City, as an only child. She had always enjoyed tinkering with this and that, discovering how things worked. This led her parents to put her through specialty schools in order to foster their daughter's unique interests. By the time she was 13, Maria was already familiar with many tools, and machines, knowing how to repair them and improve them a little. During one particularly bad winter storm, she befriended a young boy named Skip, who she shared similar interests with. She and her family took him in and gave him a place to live.

The two became friends, and still remain friends to this day. During Maria's highschool years, she was very nervous about going to a normal school, until she met a girl named Coquette, who Maria began to form a strong friendship with. They became close, and spent alot of time together until one day... Coquette wished to be seen as "popular", and had chosen to throw away her friendship with Maria in order to do so. Crushed, Maria had begun resenting and hating Coquette ever since.

Years later, she attended Tokatto Tech Academy, where she studied hard, learning robotics. She earned a scholarship after only 3 years there, the standard being 5 years of schooling. She was offered a transfer into an even more prestigious academy, and immediately began packing, ready and excited to begin her new endeavors. Later that night, she heard a knock at her door. To her surprise, it was Coquette who had come to apologize for hurting Maria and ruining their friendship, finally feeling remorse for what she had done. Maria couldn't care less, and angrily lashed out at Coquette, slamming the door in her face...

The following day, Maria was gone.

Now she's returned to the city to pick up where she left off. She's going to open a robotic prosthetics shop to help those who had lost limbs. She's being funded through the school she went to while she was away, so money's no object. Until that project picks up however, she's also come back to visit her cousin Biscotti, not knowing that she'll be meeting her former friend as well... She has no idea what's in store for her now that she's back home...

Maria is © Ryan C. Efantes, 2008 - 2016
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I kinda wanna draw her too sometime.
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She's got an updated appearance coming eventually. This version is technically a bit out of date.
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Alright, I see. I'll wait it out.
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She looks pretty awesome.
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No problem! I can tell you worked hard on her.
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remember this one from the older times, but that bionic arm seems to be new
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Yup, she lost her arm in an accident while she was working on a robotics project.
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