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Alexis Crimson 2019

Meet Alexis Crimson, a Ruby Red colored Crystallen who is Mr. Stone's old flame and current business rival. Several years ago, Stone kept her around as his secretary, as well as eye candy. He never took her seriously, despite her having some very solid, and forward-thinking ideas to improve Stone's construction company. As such, Alexis left Stone's employ, and went off to start her own company that would rapidly become the newest rival company of "Stone Industries". The "Crimson Mining Corporation" was formed, and began a longstanding foothold in the intergalactic business world. Alexis managed to work her way up the corporate ladder, and was poised to become the top businessperson in the galaxy. She would have attained this status, had Stone not recovered from his injuries and made his Casino a whopping success. 

Name: Alexis Crimson
Nicknames: "Ms. Crimson"
Age: 30
Birthday: January 17th
Species: Crystalen (Crystal-Like Aliens)
Classification: XTR
Height: 6'1
Weight: 228 lbs
Gender: Female

Occupation: Entrepreneur, CEO, Fashionista

Likes: Money, Power, Proving she's better than Mr. Stone, Fashion.

Dislikes: Mr. Stone, Being used by others, Being defeated by Mr. Stone, Losing Money, Being seen as weak.

Fears/Phobias: Alexis is only afraid of failing to beat Stone at his own game.

Strengths: Alexis is both highly intelligent and very perceptive. She's able to turn business deals in her favor, and isn't afraid to take risks in order to make herself and her company that much more of a potent force. 

Weaknesses: Quick to anger, Alexis hates being lied to and treated as if she's incapable of handling things. She also tends to have a one track mind whenever Mr. Stone is involved, and diverts her attention to sabotaging him whenever the opportunity arises. She also can't help but be very condescending towards people, and can come across as really egotistical, likely due to her past with Mr. Stone. She never wants to feel used or treated as something merely to be looked at, so her demeanor can be off putting at times. She also possesses a physical defect in her legs, as they're not fully formed like normal Crystallens, which hinders her mobility. 

- Mr. Stone - Alexis absolutely despises him. She was once in his employ, and was merely used as a secretary/eye candy due to her attractive red coloration.

Fun Facts:

- Alexis was adopted from someone on DA. I won't link the original image here due to personal reasons, but the design above is a massive departure from the adopted character. Only some details were kept, such as the blue color in the hair, the name of the character, the necklace, and some other small details, but the rest is my own design choice. 

- The Crystallen species was actually inspired by a crystal-like alien from a single episode of Invader Zim (Hobo 13), in which a feminine crystal alien was shown. I loved her design, and it inspired me to create a full species from that design, with some significant tweaks. 

- Alexis has received an updated design, which looks way better than her previous iteration did and is much cleaner. 



Alexis Crimson is © Ryan C. Efantes, 2019-2020
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Looking great with this design!

Good work

By the way, some unrelated topic, will you get pikmin 3 for switch?

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Honestly, probably not. It's a hard sell for me since 3 was hands down the worst one imo. I played some of the demo, and it was made even easier somehow... They have a freaking path marker, telling you exactly where you're supposed to go...

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I know, biggest selling point is the extra chapter with olimar

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Even that isn't a selling point for me. They should have just done a Pikmin Trilogy Deluxe, remastering all 3 games and improving the mechanics of each. THAT I would have played and bought immediately.

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It's nintendo, they dared to release mario 3d all stars at full price without remaster and anything and they sell, they could have done a remaster like crash and spyro, but the hell they cared, what reason to do a remaster with pikmin?