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May 23, 2017
The Hidden Faces Of A Masterpiece by R-Tan
Featured by lovelessdevotions
Suggested by AnnaBelial
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The Hidden Faces Of A Masterpiece

I'm sure most of you can relate. People just see the finished painting and don't know the struggle it took to get there.  I wanted to title this piece" How Many Artists Does It Take to Create a Masterpiece?" but apparently DA has a limit to the number of characters in the title.

This is my romanticized idea of a studio with its wood floors and furniture.  It also depicts me, but from about 5 years ago. I've gained a bit of weight since then. I figure my painting, my reality. Also this is the first painting to include my cat.  
I actually haven't even touched paints since I was in school which is about 15 years ago. I miss the tactile feel of oil paint on canvas but don't miss the clean up, smell, or toxic chemicals. Picked up art again 7 years ago and decided to go all digital and haven't looked back. I think is my best digital piece, or at least the most polished.

Just curious, for those of you who paint in oils and have pets, is it an issue?

Painting this piece was actually not like what is depicted.  It went pretty smoothly, for once, at least compared to some of my other paintings.
Done in Photoshop. I was going to use Painter to do this piece but for some reason all my Painter keyboard shortcuts are messed up, so it was back to the old reliable Photoshop.

For some reason the DA site is compressing the contrast ratio and shifting the color palette more than normal on this piece. The full view is a little closer to the original. May have to reload an adjusted version. Looks like the compression issue was only when viewing in stash. Much better now that it's submitted.

Anyways good luck to all the other entrants.  Also looking forward to watching the movie, looks interesting.
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smaugthegreat108's avatar
so true
like the darkness and all the different emotions going thorugh your head when you have a MAJOR fudgeup.
it is like OML kill it
while another part of you is walking away,
while another part of you is trying to fix it
while another part of you is thinking it through
while another part of you is procrastinating....

I know the feel
R-Tan's avatar
Out of the lot, the procrastinator is the one I have the hardest getting a handle on. 
smaugthegreat108's avatar
oh boy. mostly got a grasp on him....
but there is still a drawing I started in july that I finished 2 weeks ago
R-Tan's avatar
LOL, I have a handful of  pieces that are from 4 years ago that are around 70% complete. I usually work on multiple pieces at a time so that if I get stuck or just get tired of working on a certain piece I could just switch to another.  So some of these paintings have sat there for awhile. I will get to them at some point. Currently I have a list of around 20 paintings that are at different stages of completion.  Some are just rough sketches while some are nearly complete. The list also grows as I get inspired to start new ones. I also put those on the back burner when I get commissioned work.
smaugthegreat108's avatar
well, commissions is a better excuse than
I'm lazy
renacer87's avatar
Fezzles's avatar
This is awesome. Seems every artist (painter, photographer, writer, etc) goes through these phases. I can relate to the pets thing, but it is adorable how your cat stays with you, even if you don't feel like having him/her around. My dog does the same thing lol; she'll stay right with me - they know when you do need company lol. 
SpicyFictionFactory's avatar
mkgraphite's avatar
This is so true! Funny but it hurts!
*And not just for masterpieces 
robinbrarri's avatar
Do you mind if I make this a yugioh card??
Gamer623's avatar
I keep looking at this picture, and I can't help but feel it so much. I don't draw as much as I used to, especially since I started ceramic work and writing. But even still, when I sit down to type, this image just gets to me. It is amazing on its own, but just the fact it relates to me so much makes it that much better.
Gamer623's avatar
Oh, crap, I am so sorry for hitting the reply on your comment. I could have sworn I hit the comment box on my phone. ><
robinbrarri's avatar
its ok, I thought something like that might've happened 
Gamer623's avatar
Thanks for the understanding.
JRM0976's avatar
I saw this at first when it was entered into the split shattered self contest. I was disappointed when I didn't see it among the finalist because it really spoke to me. I do digital art, and I often work with acrylics on canvas as well. The struggle can be unimaginable, especially when its a piece I have been pondering for a while and just can't seem to get right. You captured not only the frustration and anger, but the parts where sometimes you've been pushed past the edge and just need to step back. I felt for a moment like I was looking at a mirror. I love it. And btw, although I don't have a cat, I have a dog who needs to be locked out of the room when I paint. If I paint anything and set it somewhere she always ends up with some paint on her somehow. Even if whatever it was is far out of her reach. Not to mention she likes to try and eat the paint as well.... so yea it can be an issue from time to time.
R-Tan's avatar
Yeah I figured this piece would speak to many of the people here. Thanks for sharing your experience with pets.
JessicaYean's avatar
I appreciate how you not only captured different expressions, but also different body positions. When I make my art, I go through a myriad of facial expressions and I also move around a lot. If I'm super frustrated and antsy, I literally walk in circles around my house. #artistproblems
PatrickRieser's avatar
This is so true. With art visible everywhere on the internet the audience doesn't see the struggle. Ten paintings, each 20 hours of hard and devastating work are just 5 seconds per Klick away. Your art is wonderful and deserves the attention it gets. Thank you for displaying our daily struggle in this charming way.
simonpark81's avatar
this is brilliant. I know exactly how you feel. art is something almost alive, it seems to think for itself at times. I have said frequently its like I am just a medium for the ideas to go through. . . yet at the same time sometimes it feels like such a struggle to get things just so.
a masterpiece indeed :nod:
R-Tan's avatar
thanks, misery loves company, lol
simonpark81's avatar
and of course there is no lonelier occupation than being an artist; the very act of creating separates us from the rest of the world; most people couldn't even begin to imagine the struggle each artist goes through just to put pen to paper... 
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