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Steampunk Batman

My take on a steampunk Batman. I might do a companion piece with just villains.
28hrs Corel Painter 12 (07-2011)
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The best character to gear up with steampunk, great work!
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Thanks. I think his foes would fit also nicely into steampunk, but I can't find the time to work on it.
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Lol very true. Yeah steampunk usually has a decent amount of thought put behind it which doesn't help.
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Great Batman. Robin is pictured nicely. Batgirl, however, is dressed in a way that does not fit steampunk.
AlolanBatman's avatar
i think thats catwoman
Orthocuban's avatar
OK, I feel dumb now.
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nice pic except for the fact that catwoman's face looks kinda fat.....
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Yeah I going to say the same thing about her face
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This is really great
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Just don't forget the cat tits.
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uoooooooow !! Very cool man !
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there is no way those wings would fly 
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Reminds me of the Watchmen !
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for some reason I amused myself looking at this work. when I was scrolling through the What's Hot section and saw this without noticing the title I immediately thought Steampunk Batman, then I saw the title and thought "yepperey."
Awesome work, although I am still questioning whether that is Robin in the back or not?
so cool love it
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This look amazing!
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