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Sleep Tight

My entry for the Insidious Contest.

When I was little I was one of those kids that needed a night light and would be afraid to go into the basement because the light switch was at the bottom of the stairs.

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TairineMel's avatar
Wow, Amazing piece!
nocturnalanimal887's avatar
O_O when I fullsized that... amazing job on this and I feel ya about the night light I used to be scared of my crawlspace in my room I never liked going in there without a light too. the basement was creepy too mostly cause it wasn't finished so the stairs your foot could go right through idk why houses are so creepy sometimes 
Hirokuro's avatar
Reminds me about movie "Astral"... not sure in eng title is same though
shadowsteed15's avatar
Wow this is a really amazing picture. :D <3
ultimatede's avatar
Holy shit, well I'm not sleeping tonight.
rainchickk's avatar
Holy God!!!!!
This is frightening beyond words
2420768's avatar
HOLY CHEESEBURGERS!!!! that's soooooo awesome!!! you have a amazing talent for drawing in a way that seems so real. :)
xarockolipsekittenx's avatar
hes just a part of the celling staring really. . . .  . .O.o
Phantom-Anima's avatar
this is amazingly terrifying!
RIPivyy's avatar
in the movie that this is based off
RIPivyy's avatar
not super scary the only scary thing is the sound that made me jump that's it.
andymoshi's avatar
Awesome perspective!
iamawesome097's avatar
SilkenWinds's avatar
It really does look like a djinn. In fact in djinn lore they can come in black, and some do have animal features, like this guy does with the tail and hooved feet.
JoeMavro's avatar
Please tell me they brought him back in the 2nd movie!
raphaeltheartist's avatar
I love the perspective!
InsidiousDevil's avatar
Awesome. True talent
Stihlms180's avatar
True talent in drawing.
Stihlms180's avatar
Awesome drawing. Scary
AngelsHeart27's avatar
I like how this takes a twist on the monster in the room idea. Instead of being in the closet or under the bed, he's on the ceiling. Very well thought out, my friend.
Scr1b3's avatar
But surely they'd see the shadow...
dose7601's avatar
You have some amazing talent. I Love this piece.
HeavyMentalArt's avatar
That is awesome, love the detail!!
ShinaRyun's avatar
Seriously...who in their right mind puts a damn light switch at the bottom of the damn stairs?
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