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I wanted to render this a bit more, but work is taking all my time- So I decided to post it anyway.

SPOILERS!!11!!?? ( but it's been more than a year since game's release!!)

Don't know what to think of Demise, the lack of backstory and origin other than: I'm a bad guy, deal with it gwahahaha! and his relationship with Ganondorf is what takes me off...

Maybe if they had explained more the conflict between Hylia and him and the previous war in SS, but meh. It kinds of destroy everything they've built up with Ganondorf so far. And that lead to a bigger problem with it, IMO Ocarina of Time should' ve been first in the series, for various reasons (and good ones I think) I should explain later.

I know Mangas are not canon, but the manga that comes with Hyrule Historia should've been included as a cinematic, or flashback or something. It almost makes sense after reading it.

Still, it is pretty badass, cool design, first time I saw him I was like: oh, sh"t! ,so I tried to capture that in this quick painting.
I was going to paint the battle second phase with the lightning and stuff, but I decided I wanted to use warm colors for this one.

Hope you like it.
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What I love about Demise is that how he respects Link. As Demise mentions how other humans coward in fear in his presence, Link just stands there blade in hand ready to fight. And because Demise is impressed with Link's courage, he creates an arena for a 1v1 battle. It's just a very, very badass moment.

WOW, what an incredible rendition, especially of Demise! He's so intimidating here, you can almost feel his sheer power! And Link standing up to him– what a scene!

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Beautiful Work!
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I love the two swords, great work
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Epic design! :D
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Demise is the Demon King. He's evil and chaos incarnate (yes that's the Demon King, not Majora). He despises the Goddesses for opposing him. And Ganon is much of the same as he's Demise's reincarnation.
shit, which game is he from?
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Skyward Sword.
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Demise wanted the Triforce for his own and he destroyed all who opposed him in order to get that power.  He had motivations, plus he had a burning hatred for the gods of old and wanted absolute power, kind of like Ganondorf, his hatred incarnate.
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More or less. I love how when Demise has no backstory, the same people went 'yay' to Majora having no backstory went 'boo'.
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Well from a technical standpoint both do have a bit of backstory.  Majora was made by an ancient tribe for their rituals but sealed the mask away and Demise was said to have come forth from a fissure when the earth cracked wide.  It's not in depth but it's effective.
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Yup, true. "Not in depth, but effective" tends to be what I like about Nintendo's plots in general, mainly games that Miyamoto works on.
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I mean, look at Super Mario Bros. and how it revolutionized the gaming industry.  I'm currently taking a film class and what made the game unique was a story and characters.  That was new and it worked.  As for Myamoto made games, you do have a point
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Truly a fine work of art. The detail is impressive.
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The fact that Ghirahim was his sword was the best plot twist ever
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OMG! I finally found this. I found this before but I forgot where to find it again. FINALLY FOUND IT! Now facing it! :)
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This is beyond beautiful. Why was this not amongst the concept art for skyward?!!!
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This looks like it should be in an art gallery from the future!
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Yeah, too bad no-one was there to paint it. Doubt Groose or granny was good at painting. Besides, was there such a thing at the time? And this is a legend that's forgotten to history, so I doubt this event was remembered by anyone, unless there's an old man or woman who has lived for a long time watching over the world or something.
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Question. I'm wondering if I can use this.
I have a fb page for Demise, and there is just not enough Demise fan art out there. 
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The merciless truth right there.
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i watch the whole game/ on the internet its awesome. some futuristic story, all say. 
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