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Thorin X Bilbo (3)

By R-NUM-indy
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Our Home :)

.....What did they do last night ..? =w=??

...จิ้นไปไกล.... -////- ....ธอรินแม่มมองอย่างกะจะกินบิลโบ 5555 -w-"
พยายามวามฉากบ้าง รู้สึกเราเป็นคนไม่ละเอียดเลยแฮะ.... =w="

I'm sorry,my English isn't very good....
Thank you for comments and fav TwT
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Thilbo is my OTP.
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I don't ship them lol but I like this!
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I love this!!! They look so at home together!! Thank you for sharing this with us.
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I know I faved this!  Faved again!
SparklinBurgndy's avatar
I love this!  So sweet! :heart:
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It's so cute ! <3 <3
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This is so lovely!! :heart:
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Love it can I use it as my home page on my ipad???
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Your art style is gorgeous :heart:
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Great work! They look so happy and content! Love Clap 
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Amazing work ! Love Thorin and Bilbo looks so cute ! :D
Your English can't be worse than mine ! mdr :3
KantankerousKitten's avatar
This is such a cute style! ^w^ Insta fave!
CocoaCutie178's avatar
Last night.... O.O
CelestialInk's avatar
This is really sweet. I can picture the two of them in their pjs, having breakfast. And the detail in the artwork is wonderful. Good job!
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In another world...in another universe...maybe...
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This looks really good and it's also really cute ^^
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this is very adorable, even though I really don't ship them either. Just as friends. This is very good, though!! :D 
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I don't ship ThorinXBilbo either, but this is quite good :)
KatrineLaclyon's avatar
This is utterly adorable^^, even though I don't really ship them.
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The absolute cuteness contained in this picture, makes my heart explode and gives me a million cavities Cruz it's so sweet!!!!!
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